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~$75 earbuds?

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I just lost my old pair I liked, and I'm in the market. Unfortunately for me, I hate IEMs, and it seems nearly all the good brands prefer to make IEMs these days. I would use these buds primarily for travel.

What are my options?


Thank you for your time

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Sunrise AS-Charm

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It seems as-charm is a nice choice at 80USD.

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The AS-Charm is supposed to be good, but you may need an amp to drive them properly. I just ordered the AS-Feeling over the weekend ($40) and will give my impressions when I get them. I have the Sennheiser MX 580's now and I really like them. They're about $30. I'm sure there will be some other recommendations from others. 

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I can't find a supplier for AS-Charms ... anywhere, haha. I'm actually gonna get a Meelectronic M11 for $33 (2 hours of grass cutting :P) and see if I can tolerate some IEMs, nearly all reviewers liked their feel. Anyone know a place that sells these AS charms?

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Bugden Audio has the charms too. That's where I bought the AS-feeling.

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