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For Sale: Elekit TU-882AS

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For Sale:
Elekit TU-882AS

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Original owner, only about 2 months old. This is the semi-assembled version, meaning the circuit boards were pre-assembled. So no worries that I ham-fisted the soldering. I also had the distributor (Vic) assemble the entire unit for me before shipping it. Along with the stock GE 5670 tubes, it comes with extra pairs of Western Electric 396A D-getters, RCA 5670, Tung Sol 5670 and Sylvania 5670, all purchased NOS and still virtually brand new. The 396A have the most use but still less than 200 hours. All of these pairs were purchased from Tubeworld, my preferred NOS tube place.


I also posted at audiogon since this is my first time selling here:


I have lots of feedback at audiogon.


I only recently assembled my first headphone system and I decided to keep the Schiit Asgard only. I'm thinking about buying another SS amplifier at this point.


Paypal (preferred) adds 3%

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Hi, What headphones did you use with this amp? thanks! Jon

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I have this amp, it's great amp for high ohm cans, especially the HD650.

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PM Sent

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