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Westone ES3X Filter Issue

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Hey guys, I am having my UM3X's re-molded by fisher in about a week or so. At the moment I am trying to figure out how to design these puppies properly. The idea is to, essentially, make them sound as close to the ES3X as possible. I have called Westone and asked about the ES3X's design so here is what I know:


1. The ES3X is dual-bore while the UM3X is a single

2. The Dual-Bores are split as so:

    A. Tweeter/Mids

    B. Woofer


3. The Westone music rep stated the filters used in the ES3X were 680 Ohms. Now this is the part where I need your help, does this make sense that

    the ES3X would use a 680 Ohm filter in both bores? Could any owners/knowledgeable head-fier's help me out? I want to make sure a different filter

    is not for the woofer. Logic dictates that if the single-bore UM3X uses a 680 ohm filter which all frequencies pass through, then this should work

    fine, but this is not my area of expertise. 



Purpose: Kayasen (sp?) over at Fisher says she can do the dual-bore modification just fine, however, they would need to figure out the filters used in

              each bore. I want to maintain the westone sound signature while, hopefully, improving the clarity and impact of all frequencies, but with a

              priority on the treble.



I plan on calling Westone tomorrow to double check on the specs of the ES3X, and I will probably ask the audiologist who is doing my impressions what he knows about the westone custom lines (since he is an authorized dealer). Hopefully this thread will result in some answers and could also help others who are thinking about re-molding their UM3X's. You can bet I will be posting my impressions once they are done!

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Help please?

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The ES3x also has an open bore design, it increases in diameter. They have a diagram and description on their website of what it does to the sound, but basically it changes the freq response somewhat.  I don't know exactly where it is, but it is on their website, the page talks about bore design.  

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OK thanks for the reply! I am sending off my UM3X's to inearz once I get my twag cable in. I will ask Kaysen what she can do about bore design, but I doubt they will really be able to implement it properly. Oh well, 80% of the ES3X sound for 50% the cost, sounds just fine to me! Besides, the twag, spc lod, and DIYmod should help bridge the gap even more =)

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I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the finished product when you are done!

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