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Wow, they look like completely new headphones. 


Instead of just sewing another piece of cloth on top, I think I would sew another piece of the belt on top of the current built, covering the metal headband in the middle like most other vintage headphones. It would protect the staples from falling apart better, and I would probably reinforce it by sewing multiple strings to hold it together. 


The downside is that the headband might feel a bit bulky, but it's hard to imagine the staples holding up after long period of usage.

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Great work I love it.  Ive seen a couple of other threads like this and it makes me want to get a cheap set to make some wood cups for.

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Nah, I don't want to cover the entire metal headband, just the parts where the staples are located.

Tried to cover it like I planed to do in the first place... but it looked just plain silly.


I kinda wonder if I can remove at least one of the  Koss PortaPro plates on the side of the headphone.

I want to add my very own logo or just write some stupid shit on it to make it look even more unique.

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Ohhh maaannnn..... Just when I thought the portapro's couldn't get any uglier 


I bet the sound/comfort makes up for it though.

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Your work so far has been uniquely artistic and awesome! Nice job    i wish i still had my porta pro's...



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If you ever decide to sell those I'LL TAKE'EM.  Seriously, those are awesome.  

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Originally Posted by kboe View Post

If you ever decide to sell those I'LL TAKE'EM.  Seriously, those are awesome.  



If you ever consider doing mods for others, let me know. 

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Thanks for the comments, a mixed bag of 'em this time.



daawwwwwwwwww, come on, more love for the retro style biggrin.gif


Actually I'm quite fond of the original design... seriously.

But that's just me and my silly sense of style -> prefer retro headbands

like e.g. AKG's over modern Sennheiser/AudioTechnica .etc


And guys... you really don't wanna have those cans,

they were made quite sloppy, NOT BAD but I wouldn't like to sell anyone this

cheap-quality mods made in a hurry just for the lulz.

I'd give me a guilty conscience not delivering the quality I'd seek in professional mods.

... well if I had a quality router near by I might just reconsider it.


But it's quite easy to do if you have the right tools, why not try it out yourself?

It's quite easy and the results are worth the effort.

You have to show 'em of here if you do so biggrin.gif , I'd love to see similar mods on head-fi.


And despite looking a tad better than regular PortaPros and some sound improvements (great comfort increase though)

they are still PortaPro's

and limited to their decent drivers.

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Those are sweet, well done. 


I love the innovation that comes out of limitation.

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Best aesthetic mod I've ever seen. As far as the rest, for every mod you do on the portapros, it improves something and ruins something else. There just doesn't seem to be a way to get these to be just perfect.

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My experience with the Kramer-Mod so far...

If you intend to do it... keep some foam between your ears and the driver.


The highs are so dominant it makes your ears wear out real fast and it's painful  to listen to 'em past 20 minutes.

I'm going to to add two pieces of the regular Porta-Pro foam-pads to my mod.

Hopefully this will eradicate this dilemma.


Also, our god damn local German eBay won't sell some decent AKG K240s :C

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So... as the Kramer mod turned out... well horrendous (-> getting fatigue real fast + a lack of body in the sound)

I decided to put  them aside and concentrate on other phones/university/.etc.

While playing mahjong with some of my friends today, we started talking about sniping decent headphones on eBay

(I recently got one of 'em to like my k240s) and it made me grab my Portas again.


So after I got home I searched for the old original foam pads and sliced off anything except the flat screen.


Inserted them... and wow, quite a result,


it tamed the tremble to an almost ideal (volume) level,

the mids are a bit recessed (similar to the original PortaPro)...which is quite sad (love my K701 mids),

the bass gained a bit more punch.


The headphone regained body and is more laid back again PLUS, most importantly,

they don't make me bleeding from my ears again. :P


here have a pic

(It looks like I have to reattach them a bit more precisely, hence the gap)




Final thoughts?



I guess I'll be wearing my PortaPros a lot more.

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If you decide to make a "step by step how-to" for these, I will go berserk and do these mods without consideration.



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I think the staples make them look cooler. I would just leave them visible.

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So I got sick of the dual sided cables... and wanted to just make 'em single sided...

ended up getting rid of the cables :3 ... well not precisely all... pictures speak louder than words though


















fuck wireless headphones, I have porta-pros... to fit this gap.

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