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Originally Posted by dragonfyra View Post

Sounds like this shop is one of the grey import (water goods, as we call it in HK), where they find some way to buy it as a retailer or even buy it in from other shops in the original country, and then ship it themselves (sometimes personally in a suitcase), and then resell in another country.


Problem with these shops sometimes is the warranty, I've heard of grey imports (group purchases) to HK, where the original dealer did not accept their warranty, so you have to be careful of that.


As for authorized dealers, I'm pretty sure they have some advantages in terms of warranty.  We've had users of products (like Monster) where exchanges had to be made because of malfunction, or when the actual dealer ran out of stuck, they were instructed to go visit the Authorized dealer for those services.  


After reading your message I e-mailed exportprive the following question:

I would like to ask another question... The 1 year warranty offered for Cowon X7 is also valid with Cowon tech services elswhere? I mean I can send the device directly to Cowon tech service and the warranty will be valid in their eyes too, right?

The reply they gave me is as follows:


Cowon doesn't provide an international warranty. Our Cowon products come directly from Cowon Korea, and you must return us the device in case of a problem. You can also send it to Cowon Korea directly, but the process will take much more time, and will cost you the shipping both ways.


So do you think what they say is normal, which means I can shop from them without being worried about the warranty, or does their reply come to mean I should look for another shop?

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What they say is basically true, its do-able but just really troublesome. This is the issue with buying from a non-authorised dealer, theoritically, that shop is the real customer who bought the product, so the warranty belongs to them. So if they're honest and efficient then you would get your product back relatively quickly... But if not .... Then........
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I ordered a Cowon X7 from them. Got it in 4 days. And I live way up in the north of Sweden.

For me it was the only way to get a Purple one. In Europe Cowon only had white and black ones.

I've had it now for 3-4 weeks,and still everything is ok.

They were very friendly with me and answered ALL my questions.

And I got it much cheaper that in Europe!



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A+++ site


I ordered 7X Samsung door locks (SHS-5120 etc.) and related items. about $800 purchase and I did a lot of research for the credential of the company. Couple bad reviews but no trustworthy info so I proceeded the order based on the good comments. I received the items in 10 days and they made one mistake for the order though... they issued a new coupon, gave me discount for the mistaken items (instead of returning) and they made the second shipment right away. Very honest & good company and I truly recommend it. Payment method site is a bit complicated ( using credit card internationally - from Canada in my case) but for the price and quality of the items.. it is worth taking extra steps. Don't worry! Enjoy your shopping there!

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I make an order the 02/12/2012 on this web site based in Hong Kong.

I buy a pc monitor who is in stock in there web site.

Nearly 2 months after this I already don't receive my monitor.

I ask to cancel my order and ton refund my money the 22/01/2013.

Today my money is not back on my account.

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