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+6, i was thinking pre order ed10.
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+7 and linking to facebook.

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I sincerely hope that this thread generates a LARGE decrease in sales for them so that they realize what they've done. Honestly, it just doesn't make sense at all to me. It appears to be just sheer stupidity of their part. Don't they realize that it would be WAY easier to just send him a brand new pair? Episodes like those, provided they reach certain proportions, can surely destroy even the biggest of companies. It looks as if they just don't give a s**t to their costumers.

I never really cared much for Ultrasone, but now? I won't get even close to one. I definitely have no respect whatsoever for them as a company after what I've read.



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Was never going to consider an Ultrasone, but now I'm going to actively advise all my friends against it.

Also, putting this on Twitter and Facebook.

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Originally Posted by TobaccoRoad View Post

To Ultrasone:


I will never consider buying an Ultrasone product until OP's problem is resolved.


That is all.




I've never had any concrete plans to buy Ultrasone headphones but now, they're not even on my radar.

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I was thinking about getting an ultrasone  for my next set of headphones, but not after  reading this thread. Why would they be so rude to a customer? especially to a member of a forum they sponsor.

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Im a happy owner of an HFI-780 and have considered upgrading to the PRO 900 but after hearing thios APPALLING tale of woeful and plain rude customer service, i will NOT be purchasing another Ultrasone product until yyour customer adn warranty support is properly sorted out.


Ultrasone, get your act together, or you stand to lose the support of THE biggest headphone organization in the world. Just as we drum up fevered support for an FOTM, we can do the opposite.


Good luck with that Ed 10 under these circumstances. Ugh.



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this is a serious problem for Ultrasone.. and i doubt that ultrasone currently have active head-fi representative this day..

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Originally Posted by santsant View Post
.. and i doubt that ultrasone currently have active head-fi representative this day..

LoL, if they did, he likely just quit his/her job!



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+14  I won't be buying any of their products.  A lot of other alternatives out there anyway. 

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Ultrasone, sorry about your sales.



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I have just purchased the LCD-2 over the ED8 that I wanted for some time and cancelled my plan for a ED-10. It's furious that an employee can be so rude to a highend customer. David, I admire your integrity when you send your own pair of ED8 to your buyer and deal with Ultrasone yourself. You have better integrity as a person than the whole company put together. Shame on you Ultrasone, I have spend near $10,000.00 on headphone last year including a pair of HFI780, but I won't spend another dime until this unethical and nauseating behavior subside. I will demand an apology from the company mangement and send a legal letter to sue under the lemon law.
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