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I will certainly be replying in the next 48 hours.  I am currently analyzing the headphone and letting them burn in.


As it is, I want to state that I am very satisfied with the way this all turned out.


I will be revising the OP as well as the thread title in the next 2 days. 


Stay tuned.

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After hearing this from Randy and then dealing with UltrasoneUSA the day after, favorably, I decided to get my daughter a pair of mid/high end Ultrasone headphones for her birthday.  She requested i find her a pair of headphones with certain criteria.  I have been so happy with the Ed8 limiteds and now the service and response here that i decided to go that direction.

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Revised OP


Thank you everyone.

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Congrats man, we are all happy for you and respect Randy a hell of a lot now

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I see the title of this thread has changed. I am so glad that all worked out!

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Congratulations Dave. All's well that ends well. Keep rockin' out with the new cans!

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I'm glad to hear that both David got his issue sorted out once and for all, and that Ultrasone have got their act together in the USA. 

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Woot! Glad to hear everything worked out ^^

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Just wanted to relay a great customer service experience. I had weakened drivers on my ed 9 and they not only replaced them, they replaced the ethiopan pads as well. Now it's as new and sounds way different and better. I wasn't even under warranty. Thanks Ultrasone

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Nice! I have a hifi 2400 that is defective. Hopefully Randy still works there and contact info is valid.
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As it turns out, I talked to Randy and he no longer works for Ultrasone. Super nice guy though! So I got a response and rma number from infoteam@ultrasone.com and sent them yesterday. Until then I'll make due with Monoprice headphones.
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I wish I would have read your thread before any of my Ultrasone Purchases, here is my experience after making the original post below.


~~Originally Posted by Trey36 View Post If anyone is interested in the ED5's you can find them in Europe for $700 to $1,000 dollars less than in the US. I ordered a pair from Meier Audio, when I receive them I will give a full review after about a week of listening to them (Early to mid April). When I first got a look at the retail price I was in sticker shock and laughing to myself. The way I would like to compare it is like a S.T. Dupont LE Lighter. I can purchases a quality Butane Lighter for $40 or I can pay $3,500 for a S.T. Dupont Lighter. They both produce fire, so why would someone spend the extra money. Quality, Comfort, Reliability and Customer Service is my answer (granted they're only really nice to you because your willing to spend that type of money on their products). Do I believe these headphones are worth the price (No comment, yet), Will they be sought after in years to come (yes). If I go broke will I be able to sell them and re-coup some of the cost (yes). Will I be able to pass this item on to my kids (yes). Those are the questions I ask myself before I make any purchase. Due to my profession I have Auditory Hyperesthesia (really sensitive ears, due to a really sensitive brain). I've had a lot of ear buds and headphones throughout my life and I've never had a headphone make me feel like I'm at the Ministry of Sound, until I heard the ED8's. I hope the ED5's are worth the price but if they are not I will be sure to let everyone know. It's not like I can return them.

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~~Wow, I have to disappoint and let everyone know I will not be giving a review of the ED5's. After my original post explaining where the headphones could be found at a cheaper price. All Hell broke loose, if you look at my post, and then look at Mortalcoil's reply you will notice the first paragraph is gone. I was told I caused some problems by putting this information up and letting ED5 fans know where they can get the headphones a little cheaper. I deleted the paragraph because I was asked to but that wasn't good enough. If any one has any questions I have no problem telling the entire story, but I'm done with this company. I did 3 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan, I've treated people who've tried to kill me with more respect than this company has shown towards the man who sold me the phones and me by pressing to have my order cancelled even though I already paid for the phones. Sadly I was a fan even though most comments I read, people laughed saying their Iphone Earbuds sounded better than this company's headphones. I still stuck with them after the ED10 disaster willing to shell out money for the ED5's. On the Brightside when I got my refund I made $12 because of the conversion rate (the dollar is tanking). Enjoy and sorry about not being able to give a review.

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At least I know this forum exist before I make any audio decisions.

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