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It helps to have a forum that cannot be easily silenced.


Head-Fi, being unique in that aspect as they represent a large swath of the consumer base for a lot of these companies. Obviously not nearly all consumers, but the base, the enthusast with teeth.


What is (very) often the case, company hosted forums can be great until there is a problem, then dissent is easily silenced. Audio has a lot of places that are fairly well represented, and read, by the companies discussed. Independant forums, sometimes with a manufacturer subsection, sometimes not. Even so, the subsection is operated on independant servers, so their moderation is not nearly as strict as it would be.


Many companies have been very successful at having these kinds of forums taken down through legal actions and threats, however, the audio community, like any enthusast community, is just too great in size to even try such action, so it is best to work with their users, rather than silence them. Not posting in a thread, but knowing about it, is actually a very big step, the knowing about it part. The story ends up coming to an end when the issue is taken care of through the OP, word gets out and filters through, allowing for a kind of forum redemption of posts after the fact.


In this case, as well as others, audio enthusasts are lucky to have such places. It's not hard to have an independant forum, but it is hard to establish a community with as large of a swath of the market actively participating in discussion. Thankyou Head-Fi.

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Hi All,
My name is Randy Fuchs and I work for Ultrasone headphones. 
I had spoken to David and have upgraded him to a ED8 Limited Edition for his trouble (a $500 upgrade). It is awful and reprehensible to have had such an undeserved experience. I very much appreciate his herculean patience (I would have blown my stack much a long time ago). There is no defense whatsoever as to why he had such an awful experience with the US branch. All I can say is the main person he dealt with is no longer at the company, there is a new sheriff in town, and that there is now an additional person to take the burden of Crystal.


My background is from the artist relations end of the business where the #1 priority is to give not good, but AMAZING service. I am still getting my feet wet but I am giving all of you my mobile number in case there is a problem 954.536.8436- the buck stops here. If you have ANY customer service issues you can reach me anytime . FYI- Ultrasone had a warranty of 3 years with an additional 2 years on the Edition series of products (with mailing in of the warranty card). I requested a change and now the US limited warranty has been upgraded to 5-years with an additional 2 years on the Edition series of products (with mailing in of the warranty card). Also, the warranty is now transferable with a copy of the original receipt.

I actually really love the Ultrasone headphones. For me it’s not just a listening experience, but it’s a safer one due to their patented S-Logic technology (for the same perceived volume the SPL is 40% less) and their ultra low emissions (preventing 98% of the EMF radiation that all headphones generate). (okay- I will stop with the commercial). The bottom line is EVERY customer should not just expect but demand a good customer service experience from every company they deal with no matter how inexpensive or high-end the product is.


On another note, I also contacted Germany to review their customer service records on this (to prevent problems like this in the future). They do not have any record of receiving an email from David in 2010 except for October 18th. It's very possible that he unfortunately emailed that same person in the US that was giving him  all those problems- I do not know (David if you could please check on this for all I would appreciate it). This is not to defend his awful experience (the old US regime made a really bad decision on how this was handled) but to let everyone know that Ultrasone Germany is responsive when they know and so am I.


Lastly, I just want to publicly thank David for his patience and undestanding and you all for bringing this to my attention.


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Great to hear.  Kudos for upgrading the headphones for David for his troubles, and hopefully an incident like this will not happen again in the future.

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This sounds good, but can you confirm it David? And are you happy with it?

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Great to hear, always love a company come out and address the issue instead of handling everything in the dark.

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Thanks for the reply Randy. It's good to know that this situation is getting the attention it deserves and that Ultrasone is trying to do the right thing now.

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Welcome Randy.  I've loved Ultrasone's headphones (had the 9 and 8) and this customer service wrinkle was really the main thing preventing me from jumping on board with the 10.  Just letting you know, if you plan on continuing to post on these forums you should have MOT (Member of Trade) and I guess Industry Insider appended to your user info.  Looking forward to seeing big strides in your customer service (and not just the high profile cases.)  

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Thanks for that first post Randy. It's good to hear that Ultrasone, a company with a great product, is working to improve their customer relations in the US.

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Great to hear that someone replied to this problem, i do like my ultrasones and want to get and upgrade but i would never do this if theres a chance to get a problem like Davids (so much patience i can't even totally imagine).

Hope to hear Davids reply of everything went nice and smooth. And also hope noone of us will never ever meet similar problems with ultrasone.

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now how bout them apples, ultrasone came through finally, what a bureaucratic nightmare,  i am truly glad you finally got your phones and hope you are rocking out tonight bro.  congrats and all the best

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Originally Posted by ultrasone View Post

Hi All,
My name is Randy Fuchs and I work for Ultrasone headphones. . . .


. . . let everyone know that Ultrasone Germany is responsive when they know and so am I.


Lastly, I just want to publicly thank David for his patience and undestanding and you all for bringing this to my attention.



Randy, kudos for taking the podium.

That was my experience with Ultrasone Germany too, prompt and appropriate action.


They do seem to expend a fair amount of energy fixing problems created by their overseas offices. . . 

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Nice to see a MOT giving his phone # here. Now that is customer service! With somebody like that at the company I may consider buying an Ultrasone in the future.

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Also, David congrats on getting this resolved.  My work here is done. 


Mr. Data, set course for the neutral zone.  Warp 9.  Engage!



*plays star trek theme

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He does not have them yet- He will have them Friday (David has the tracking number) and I modified my profile to say MOT (Member of Trade).


Thanks again


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Ahhh. I can now rest in peace.


Thanks Ultrasone.

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