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As far as they knew, yes, they were under warranty.

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Originally Posted by Eric_C View Post

Ok now I'm confused. Were OP's headphones still under warranty, or not?

Yes. Headphones were still Under Warranty

I want to clarify on the post immediately above my own. I was never dishonest with ultrasone about the headphones being damaged outside of my hands. They had been made fully aware that these headphones were sold to someone but that the buyer insisted that they arrived with the incurred damage. All Merchandise which i sell i document and if I were to have faith in the buyer, I'd have to believe that the damage occurred in shipping. The buyer returned the headphones to me and until the headphones were to be returned to him I put his funds on hold. This made the headphones officially mine and the warranty was still appropriated. I told the buyer that if for any reason the damage was not covered, I'd have to at the very least split the cost with him. Once this aspect of our agreement was made clear to Ultrasone, it felt to me as if the price kept jumping as it was determined that the swivel was being affected (according Ultrasone) by internal extraneous damage. This seemed wholly unrealistic to me as I had seen the damage with my very own eyes and it was truly not so severe. After many months passed (I was unable to reach an Ultrasone representative for weeks at a time during the later half of this period...later told that Ultrasone was in the process of changing location) and the head technician which I worked with (Paul Taylor) was no longer with the company, and lastly Ultrasone could not locate my pair for 3 days - Ultrasone then sent me back the headphone "fixed free of charge", as my OP states, but this time with a blown driver in the right side.

Normally I would not chose to include such descriptive details about this whole ordeal but I really do want to make sure that the whole situation is understood.

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DavidMahler, thanks for clarifying that.


mibutenma: I think you'll agree that your argument (on grounds of warranty being void) is not valid. DavidMahler has a right to have his headphones repaired and sent back to him in good cosmetic and mechanical condition, which was not the case. He is also free to warn fellow hobbyists of the potential danger of buying Ultrasone products; he has exercised this freedom by sharing the details of the case with us here.

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mibutenma is confusing this issue with warranty only. I think most people here are upset and appalled by the level of customer service rather than warranty issue. it's fine if they dispute the warranty claim but at this point ultrasone has acknowledge that the warranty is valid. it's what has happened after that is of concern here...

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Wow, this thread sure exploded overnight.

I wonder why they thought it was a good idea to handle this case in such a manner. After the first screw up they should've just given you a new one for the trouble and be done with it.

They'd be out a couple hundred bucks or however much it costs them to make one but saved themselves the trouble of things like this.

In return, the OP might've made a thread instead about Ultrasone's excellent after-sales service, avoiding this disaster and actually getting some good PR.

But hey, what do I know, I'm not in marketing. smily_headphones1.gif


Considering how big this community is, the damage done to their reputation is quite severe. I'm surprised that it were actually the people at the top who made these poor decisions, rather than someone just following policy.

Oh well, looking forward to seeing the appearance of an Ultrasone representative in this topic and to see how they will attempt to dig their way out of this grave.

I've always found it interesting to see the difference between how a company is portrayed by a disgruntled customer and seeing the actual people appear. Most of the time they try to come across as apologetic or that they were unaware of the issue, with all kinds of far-fetched excuses (that were naturally out of their control), or even playing the victim.

Considering this case was handled by some people from the top, I wonder which path they will take.

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That is no way to conduct business in a competitive marketplace.

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I think it was nice of the OP to post this on a monday, instead of, say friday evening. Now, Ultrasone has the chance to appear and tell their side of the story. (During a previous customer failure incident, another company (Creative labs) were not as lucky, with a topic on another forum exploding into hundreds of pages during a weekend.)

Originally Posted by tk3 View Post

Wow, this thread sure exploded overnight.

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That is because everybody hate Creative just for the sake of it lol.

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If Ultrasone is reading this, I suggest they take it seriously and not ignore things like they usually do. I know that when people damage goods, they might try to abuse warranty, and of course it is easy for people to just make fake reports for whatever reasons, but whether or not this is the case here can't be verified. What matters is if you even choose to respond, if you don't respond, you will suffer greatly in sales.

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How do you know they know about this thread?

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Someone I believe emailed them

Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

How do you know they know about this thread?

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I was considering the pro750 but will wait to see how this plays out. 

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Maybe you have heard of Apple? I think many have heard far more of them than Ultrasone, yet get screwed like yourself many times a day all over the world.


Lets put it another way. You were shipped a bad RMA 3 times, that means 3 times you were shipped a product with, at least a part of it, not defective by design.


An even better way to put it, you did not get your fully working and fixed ultrasones back and then had to break them in order to use one earcup to it's full potential. So I guess you lucked out eh? The ED8s went out, but maybe you didn't make the mistake of buying a crapple? Double whammy if you bought the 8s for an iPod/phone/pad. Ouch! 


To be honest, I have dealt with this with video card manufacturers, I dealt with this on a very well known MMO "game" where artists and other creative people get together and do interesting things only to be banned and have all your USD converted currency controlled by the company stolen, for being an artist and not a consumer. I had well over 3-4 grand invested, then stolen, and then the IP rights to things I created removed from me illegally. I cannot do anything about it, but if I could get my money back, money that is encouraged to be used as currency exchange, (making them liable, just like paypal had to change to remain in business), I would buy as many ED8s as my money, property, and IP is worth, and hand them out to you and everyone that wanted a pair.


Stuff happens. The fact is, it will be corrected. I did not finish the thread so maybe it is corrected. At least there is a forum. When all my money and property was stolen, the forums had been taken down to silence dissent, espcially after they took over currency exchange (of course promising it was a safe transaction, market driven). I am glad to se that place crash and burn. This was in 2006 when the artists were banned. I think it has been that long since news of that place has made any headlines. Perhaps because they removed the people that made it interesting to go and scared away anyone else thinking about investing time and money into it.


Generally, if your investment is not over what is considered to be small claims, they don't care about you. The only reason they would is to look good to potential customers. This place happens to be driving the industry in some ways, one would think more attention would be paid to this squeaky wheel. When something squeaks here, it is loud and with a lot of weight behind it compared to other products. It is unusual for their to be such a place where MOST traffic is handled dealing with said object in question.

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And also some more word spreading from me.

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So glad that I chose Denon 7K over Ultrasone,

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