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Ultrasone's commitment to customer service

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Below you will see my original OP dated October 18 2010.  It is only one week later today as I write this.  The day after I wrote this, I received a phone call from Mr. Randy Fuchs.  He is Ultrasone's new USA director.  He was greatly concerned with my situation and wanted to correct it immediately.  I was sent a pair of Edition 8 Limited Edition, an upgrade from my original Ruthenium Pair.  The pair arrived a day ahead of schedule!  It looks and sounds absolutely wonderful!  Mr. Fuchs asked me to accept this upgraded pair as an apology from Ultrasone and as a thank you for my patience.  He appeared genuinely concerned with preserving Ultrasone's reputation.  He seems to truly love Ultrasone's products and his passion for it as he spoke was refreshing.  Most of all he seemed concerned for me and other customers who also had less than satisfactory customer service experiences with Ultrasone in the past.  He reassured me that this was all about to be corrected.  Though Randy has already made several comments in this thread (including the information below) I would like to include his direct lines and email in this OP


Here is Randy Fuchs' office line: 786.207.2147 

Here is Randy Fuchs' mobile line: 954.536.8436

Here is his direct Ultrasone email: r.fuchs@ultrasone.com


I am very happy with Ultrasone's prompt response to this matter and I feel assured that their customer service in the future will be very much improved.  


Most of all I'd like to thank each and everyone of you who made a difference for me in this situation.  I was genuinely moved that so many of you put yourself out there for me.   It shows what a few people can do when they use their voice (or their keyboard) but you know what I mean, and it shows that we at head-fi are important to Ultrasone and other companies.


Thank you very very much to all who helped make this situation resolve so pleasantly!



Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post

In November of 2009 I purchased a pair of Edition 8s from Headroom.  I was so blown away by the performance of the headphone out of the portable player that I decided I would buy one pair just for that and then buy another pair and balance the other.  Not too long after I received my second pair I sold my original right here on head-fi because I didn't have the funds to get a balanced amp as I had expected to at the time.  This sale occured sometime around Christmas.  When the buyer received the headphone he contacted me a few days after the package had been received, complaining of damage to the swivel mechanism in one of the earcups.  When I shipped them they were in mint condition.  The buyer's hesitation to contact me immediately and report the damage on date of receipt prompted me to believe that the buyer himself had damaged the headphone.  HOWEVER, after a few days of discussion I decided that I would simply take the headphones back and ship them to Ultrasone since they were certainly under waranty in my name...


Initially when the headphone was received by Ultrasone USA, the company wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars to correct the swivel.  I was appalled, and I was working literally daily on the phone with their head technician Mr. Paul Taylor to correct this problem without any cost to me or the buyer.  It seemed like a simple screw came loose and needed to be replaced or re-attached.  The price I was being quoted instead was almost half the cost of a new Edition 8.  Mind you, I had the buyer ship the headphones to me before they went to Ultrasone and I inspected the damage and listened to the headphones.  They sounded absolutely perfect but the swivel of the left cup was loose, that was the ONLY damage.


Months passed and Ultrasone began not answering their phones or returning my calls. It was now March 2010...


I finally got back in touch with Ultrasone and had been told the head technician Paul Taylor no longer worked at the company.  It seems that Ultrasone also changed their American Location during this time and no one could locate my Edition 8 for a few days.  Finally the headphones were located and the repair was done for free.  I contacted the head-fi buyer to let him know that he should be expecting the headphones soon.  When I recieved the headphones back from Ultrasone I inspected them and plugged them in to my iPod.  The right driver was BLOWN.  It was not working.  I immediately shipped the headphone back to Ultrasone with a distressed letter.  I could not believe that the headphones were shipped back to me with such apparent damage which was clearly not there when Ultrasone received them, since Mr Paul Taylor had agreed in emails to me that the headphones sounded just as they should and $600 dollars Ultrasone was initially charging me was just for cosmetic damage.


I'll speed this story up with details that I waited 8 weeks for Ultrasone to receive new drivers from Germany and they did this repair free of charge.  When I received the headphone back in early June I immediately noticed that the right earcup was so loose (not the swivel this time..but the actual adjustment section on the headband) that they could not rest properly on the head. I'll spare you the details of my emotional response to this, but you can fill in the blanks....


At this point, I took it upon myself to simply ship the buyer (who had already been waiting over 5 months for a simple repair) my other pair of Edition 8s.  I sent the defective pair back to Ultrasone and demanded a brand new replacement.  Crystal Williams (head representative of Ultrasone USA) agreed that a brand new replacement was due me.  I waited 3 weeks for the replacement to make its way to me.  It was now early July and the headphone came to me.  I openned the box and the pair was clearly used and in worse condition then the defective pair I sent back to them.  The leather earcup was practically falling off on one side and the headband had very odd bumps and looked heavily used / abused.  The interior accessories of the box had clearly been used as well.  I called Ultrasone back and was told that the pair I had just received was certainly brand new, never used, never opened.  I didn't accept this, and I shipped them back the headphone, where upon it was greeted with criticisms that "I, myself created all the damage."  I can assure you all head-fiers that this damage was there upon opening the box and I took photographs on day of receipt to document this.  I can also confirm (though I'm not sure of it's relevance) that this pair of Edition 8 was a very very early serial number.


At this point I had Crystal Williams agree to replace the pair with a brand new pair directly from the headquarters.  She had written to me that she would get a new shipment of pairs in late September/ early October.  Starting in late September I began calling and leaving messages daily for Ultrasone.  Very rarely does their customer service and answer phone calls, and they never return my calls either. 


Finally, after 3 weeks of consistent calling, I reached Crystal and was informed that a shipment of the Edition 8s had made it's way to the American Headquarters and she was going to ship one out to me.  I thanked her and was very relieved.  A few hours later, I get a message from Ms. Williams informing me that the shipment was the new Palladium Edition 8 only and she could not ship me the headphone.  I called back asking when the new Ruthenium Edition 8 would make its way to Ultrasone USA. This was in the first week of October.  Since then I have called daily and Ms. Williams claims she does not know when a pair will be available to ship to me...so much so that in a frantic tone, I joked that I could not be out of this headphone until 2013.  She responded with, "I really can't confirm anything but I doubt that will be the case."  Since then I have been calling daily and have been greeted with profanity and the same uncertainty.


I have began calling Germany but cannot reach the company no matter how many times I call.

Ultrasone? How can you do this to any customer, let alone a customer willing to purchase such an expensive product?!

I know of no other company with Ultrasone's established name that would ever do this to a customer.


I am putting this experience out there to inform everyone so that they can be an informed consumer.  I hope I will be able to update this thread with a more positive resolution.




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Mistake upon mistake upon mistake... I never heard such a story when it comes to Ultrasone. I really hope it all works out for you eventually.

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Originally Posted by apatN View Post

I never heard such a story when it comes to Ultrasone. 

I think its more common than you think.

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Thanks DavidMahler. It's reports like these that make me never want to buy a pair of Ultrasone headphones. I guess we can always vote with our dollars.

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Originally Posted by nikongod View Post


I think its more common than you think.

Hmm, may be. I am not really into the whole Ultrasone scene. I did like the ones I heard though.

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Wow. I've heard some horror stories about companies and poor customer service but I think this one might just take the cake. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through this experience but hopefully, everything will work out in the end.

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dam that must suck...kinda makes me not wanna buy ultrasones LOL! :P

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Wow...talk about incompetence and horrible customer service!


The Ed. 8s have been in my sights recently and now, I'm not so sure. I wonder if those on the pre-order list for the Ed. 10s might rethink their purchases as well.


I'm sorry you had to go through this (especially the time involved!). Must be very nerve racking!

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I had a similar story happen to my friend. He bought a pair of 780s. A piece broke one the headband broke within a few days. He sent them back under warranty. He waited weeks. He called, They said they lost the phones. They sent him a replacement. Wrong model (cheaper phones). He got pissed called them up and ranted. They agreed to take the phones back and replace them. Weeks again. Ultrasone called and said they had a new replacement pair. My friend recieved them and they were obviously used. We listened to them and something was obviously wrong. Very brittle sounding with no bass at all. He said they didnt sound anything like the old phones. I'm sure they were defective drivers. Maybe they were blown. To make a long story short, my friend wound up throwign them out. Ultrasone is on my list of "never buy from them" merchants. Now they're trying to pawn off $3k headphones on people. All I can say is be afraid, be very afraid.


Originally Posted by apatN View Post

Mistake upon mistake upon mistake... I never heard such a story when it comes to Ultrasone. I really hope it all works out for you eventually.

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Wow, that is a shocking story indeed.  You would expect premium price headphones getting quality customer service care, but instead, They treat the customer like a nobody.  

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Sorry to hear that, something similar happened to my SE530 and that's why I never bought anything from Shure ever again. But then those Edition 8 of yours were like $1,400, surely they should as least treat you a nicer, that's so outrageous! 

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This story makes me sad.  Although the truth is the US branch is this powerless timid thing which is never in the loop.  If you actually want to get anything done, you have to (successfully) contact germany directly, and they can get things sorted out much quicker.  Audeze's reputation for customer service was a big plus in choosing the LCD-2's over the Edition 10's for me.  Imagine a story like that with a faulty three thousand dollar headphone.  They're based off a butterfly's wings, and probably as fragile as one too.

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well unfortunately at this point all you can do is wait for a replacement.

in the meantime maybe you can start a thread with "ultrasone horror stories" and ask all those who had problems with customer service to post their experience. and make it into a sticky (wiki? or whatever they are called now) and let everyone here know what crap customer service these guys have...oh and send the page address to Ultrasone (and Ms. Crystal Williams)  so they can see how marvelous job they are doing.....

well, any future ultrasone purchase has just been cancelled as far as I am concerned... 

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Wow, I'm terribly sorry about all that. That must have been an awful experience -- especially due to all the money involved!


That is very despicable of Ultrasone. This kind of story will really steer customers away from them all together -- including me.


(Besides, If any of the other Ultrasone headphones sound like the Zino, then I will never ever buy from them again. Those were awful!)

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Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post

Since then I have been calling daily and have been greeted with profanity and the same uncertainty.



After all the have screwed up they actually directed profanity at you too?  That's absurd.  From your story and the other that someone shared above, it sounds like they are sending products that were warranty returns out to other customers and hoping that they don't notice.  I have heard about tech companies (motherboard companies specifically) doing this before.  I'm not sure how they get away with it.  Maybe contact the Better Business Bureau?  I don't know how much they can actually do other than spread the word, but it may help to let them know that you plan on getting them involved.

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