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Darn, I just found this.  I'm in Kalamazoo for the next two weeks then probably Detroit for a while.  I'm not willing to organize/host, but will certainly attend if held nearby!


My gear is mediocre at best, but someone might be interested in hearing it:





Gamma-2 Full++

DIY cables



It sounds like there's enough interest for an AA meet...



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I just started a thread for an AA / Det meet...  check it out!

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I think best place to meet will be Lansing or so. Its the middleish of those places. I think we should set up a meet sometime in January...

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Originally Posted by Badd99 View Post

I think best place to meet will be Lansing or so. Its the middleish of those places. I think we should set up a meet sometime in January...

I agree...  Not that I don't have any sort of bias...  ; D


I'm coming home to Lansing for Christmas and I'll be there until January the 9th.  I'd love to meet up with others - I've never done so before (although for four years I lived probably about 200 feet from where BoyNamedSue works!).


I'd even be up for bringing my speakers (or heaven forbid, hosting a meet if there's not too many people) so you can hear how real speakers are supposed to sound.

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From the looks of your profile, it looks like you're a little more than 200 feet away now! I wish I had more connections here at MSU. My strict boss will probably freak if I bring up idea of using one of their conference rooms. I would love to attend a Lansing mini-meet and hear your speakers, but I'm afraid my schedule won't allow it since I will be traveling back to LA during winter break and won't be back until the 6th of Jan.

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Yeah, I graduated this summer - BS in mechanical engineering.  I lived in Mason Hall from 2005-2009 though, and could see the psych building/former physics building right out my window(s).


I'm pretty sure I never went inside even once though... lol.


It's too bad that you'll be gone - it seems that people are split (at least us) about early vs. late January.  Hopefully that doesn't prevent something from happening.


Actually, I don't leave until the 9th - so there is a window there.  Perhaps Friday the 8th?


I'd say that the dorms are great for this sort of thing, what with all the extra rooms and everything - but they'll be closed anyway.


Maybe something could be organized with the MSU Audio Enthusiasts and Engineers? (Their website is here.)  They would have the ability to reserve a room, in the Engineering Building or somewhere else - and they're definitely the sort to like this kind of thing.  They'll love to talk tech too; almost all of them are EEs - and the faculty adviser, Dr. Wierzba, is great.


I never spent any time with the club other than talking to them on design day at the Union, but they seem a lot more easy-going than some of the other engineering clubs (e.g. the Formula team and the Baja team) that have more of a singular purpose and all-important competitions.

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What a small world - Mason Hall is just across the way! Thanks for letting me know about the Audio Enthusiast club. They would be an ideal partner for such an event - they even have a picture of a cmoy on their front page. Because of a busy December schedule, it would be against my better judgment to try to organize something with them at the moment, but perhaps I will try to connect with them later on. I would be open to a Lansing mini gathering on Friday the 8th. I have a few headphones to contribute, and I am eager to get honest impressions of the audio gd amp.

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I was surprised to see the CMoy too - usually they stick to speaker stuff.  But that's a great intro project.


That reminds me, this year at one of the design days they had a little craft-making section where you could actually make your own speaker driver!  Of course, it was worse than low-fi...  You used a paper plate cone, box board suspension, and hand-wrapped a coil that was then fixed in place with hot glue.  It did make music though!  Well, at least until they decided to see what it'd take to break it.  The coil actually tore off the cone, if I remember correctly.


Perhaps I'll send them an e-mail - or maybe even talk to Dr. Wierzba.  A few of my friends are quite close to him.  I don't know anyone in the club, however.

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You guys should start a MSU meet beerchug.gif


Seriously though, if this happens I'll show if the dates are right and there's no snow flying around....i'm only an hour away.



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I'm thinking Friday the 7th*, 6:30 PM?  That should give people from GR & Detroit enough time to drive over after work.


I could do the Saturday the 8th, but I'm flying back to Sweden the next day so that's pushing it.


*I got the date mixed up before.

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I will tentatively commit to that day and time. You are welcome to PM me sometime closer to day to arrange specifics of the gathering. I can bring over my balanced D7000s and HD650s, including a couple recently released audio-gd dac/amps, the NFB10ES and NFB12 (if they arrive in time). 

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Originally Posted by Aimless1 View Post

All head-fiers are welcome.  Bringing gear is optional.


I would rather wait and have a late winter meet like the past couple of years.  However, the Neko is on the way and is on loan for a short time.  This is the only date that works for me while I have it.  Thought this might be an opportunity for others to hear this well regarded and well reviewed d/a converter.  




Could you give more details? Thanks very much! I'm new to this.
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