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Vocal, rock, accoustic guitar and Baroque mostly.

I enjoyed the DA-200 a lot with just about every genre, I think it sounded smoot and effortless.

The 192/24 Dacs I heard did have more clarity and detail but with that always came some sharpness in the highs and they were more revealing for music that wasn't that well recorded.

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Originally Posted by AppleheadMay View Post

Best Dac I ever heard, beats most 192/24 Dacs, not necissarily in clarity, detail and imaging but it's a lot more natural.

Really good headphone amp too but it doesn't match the P-1u in that area.

Anything else you wanna know?



during the video interview

the makers are actually mentioning that the headphone amp part is P-1u

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Yerp, that was mentioned here on HF as when the amp came out, but it turned out not to be true.

There's more info to find on that subject here on HF.

Would be silly as well since the P-1u is more expensive than the DA-200.

And I had them both, they really don't sound the same.

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