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I have a HD565 and want to upgrade also.

I have it for a long time now. Some years ago, headphone for me was not that important as nowdays. I listen to music more ans more with headphone. Years ago I planned to upgrade to HD600 and had a friends HD600 for a few days. From the point of view what I do not like of the HD565 (weak bass) it was a big upgrade, maybe even too much. In the other hand, the midrange, soundstage, space ... was not that good in my opinion. The sound was probably much better for pop music, but I rearely listen to pop. I have ended up staying with the 565. Now I picked it up again. In the meantime I have changed my speakers to other boxes which has very deep and precise bass. I listen to Jean Guillou / Pictures at an exhibition on the speakers than on the headphone and I realize how much I miss at the low end. If I raise the volume, it comes up than, but than it is too loud. For sure it is not because of the source or the amp. I want a headphone with better bass reproduction.

Now I am looking at Grado, a 225i or a PS500, but in Hungary it is very rare, Sennheiser dominates (and has good price). Before I hated the on ear headphones, but I have recently tried some very comfortable ones.

Dont know which way to go. It would be nice to lease a HD650, a better Grado for a day or two at least, but I see no possibility for that now :-(






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To remove the pads, grip the pad on the inside and pry outward. It will snap out. Save the foam pad (unless your replacing that as well) Just push the new pad till you hear the clasps snap back into place. 

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Great tutorial MDR30. Just given my HD565s a new lease of life for £12! 


One quick tip about the spacers. I used padding band for an HD600 set, which was one inch shorter. But... if you keep the old padding strip when you slide it out, you can simply cut 0.5" off each end to use as ready-fitting spacers. It works perfectly and is the right colour instantly!! Big thanks for your hard work...

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I *love* my HD565s and the padding in the headband is completely shot. This is exactly the info I needed to fix it.  Will be ordering the replacement pad and doing the mod/repair ASAP.



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my question:


do following ear pads fit for the HD565?




thx for reply.

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I've tried to track down the history of the HD565 but information is sparse. It was probably introduced in the spring of 1994, a year after the top of the line model HD580. The design is markedly different, more "modern" than the HD580, and some would also say it has aged less well, but I like it. It certainly is more stylish than the utilitarian HD580. I assume that the original version of the HD565 was grey, the colour of the plastic itself, while a second version was painted blue. Without having made a thorough comparison I think the two versions sound very similar. I like the grey better, probably because that was the model I first used as monitor headphone when I worked in the record business in the 1990s.


I think all HD565s were manufactured in the Sennheiser Tullamore plant in Ireland, started in 1990.


If your're not sure which version you have I enclose a pic with both models side by side:


Sennheiser HD565 grey and blue A.jpg


The original version is all grey, the blue one has a black mesh.


If you have any memories or information to add - chime in!

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Another detail that differs between the versions. The Grey HD565 has an open yoke/fork:


Sennheiser HD565 Ireland grey.jpg


The blue one has a cover, maybe to reinforce the structure, or for aesthetic reasons:


Sennheiser HD565 Ireland blue.jpg


I'll take some photos of the drivers when time permits, to see if they differ. Now I'm going to enjoy the splendid stereo layout of Lee Ritenour's Rio.

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Just got the clip off without breaking to release the headband strip but I did it with a flat dining knife inserted under the INSIDE of the clip, ie UNDER the headband.  When one side released it did start to flex so I pressed down lightly on the released end while using the knife right under the other end to free it.  I've ordered the HD650 headband foam from http://www.custom-cable.co.uk/sennheiser-hd650-replacement-foam-headband-pad.html for less than £10 delivered and when it comes I'll create the spacers by cutting down the OLD 565 headband plastic strip - simple.


Haven't used them in years, can't wait to try them again.

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Hi Chaps -
just took a look at my 565's and the headband gel has shrunk!! I hadn't noticed . I'll do the headband mod!
Could anyone tell me how to remove the cables from the earpieces - they look as though they should just pull out, but no matter how hard I pull they won't come out. I am suffering intermittent sound so want to replace them with replacement cable...
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the cables do just pull out. the older cables had iron tips and would get the intermittent sound issue. pull them out, rub the tips with a little sandpaper, they should work fine again

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prying wasn't effective for me. it also seemed too easy to scratch or break something. I didn't know where to put pressure with the knife, etc.


so, for the next guy, some tips - hope it helps you: "a" is the tab you're trying to get out (goes from top to bottom, minus that gap you can see). "b" is the slot it's lodged in (there's two - this one's on the other side to "a", obviously).


ignore that hook or the big tab in the middle of the metal headband in this pic. they're irrelevant here.



first step, put away that knife. I found it much easier to just twist each tab out by hand.



left thumb is pushing outer edge of band out and away from the clip/tab. right fingers are lifting/twisting the top of the metal band towards the camera (the band pushes on the clip). 


the clip should pop out almost immediately but you do need to apply steady pressure at both points. you shouldn't damage anything, the outer band is flexible and springs back. way quicker and less risk of damage than prying, trust me. pressing the band is key - it gives good leverage and more distributed force - plus you're in full control to carefully adjust torque with your fingers


the marks you can see are from years of heavy use - nothing to do with removing the band. 


FYI 2nd pic is an HD 265 Linear, pretty much identical to the HD 565. I've already removed the headband cushion in this pic.


lastly, it seems these clips are a little different than the HD 580, 600, 650 which you do pull up instead of out, so take note. 


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Thanks for all the information above. It does seem as though the 565s were some sort of ghost headphone, as the Sennheiser site makes no mention of them (though it does for all of the model #s around them: http://en-de.sennheiser.com/service-support/services/download-area/download-files-old-products


I have both the HD565s and 580s, both of which require new headband padding. I easily found replacements for the 580s, but found no trace of info on the 565s, and while taking both pairs apart, quickly realised that the strip onto which the padding is affixed is ca 25mm longer for the 565s.


Am glad to have found this thread, and especially for the "spacer" trick.


My cables are also buggered, but I think it's to do with a connection problem within the plugs rather than on the actual plug ends, so will have to shell out a small fortune for replacement cables :-(


I seems from the reviews on Thomann that the replacement cable for the 650s fits the 580s (and thereby the 565s). They're about half the price (though only have a 6.3mm plug -- not as issue for me).

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yes the 650cables fit and maybe diminish the contact problem, although i had to open up my driver (thereby breaking a small bit of the cup) and then squish the spring with a small screwdriver being absolutely careful not ripping of the small wires that go the driver.




what would be interesting if you could compare any differences betweeen hd565 and hd580! are they soundwise far apart?

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Originally Posted by superdux View Post


what would be interesting if you could compare any differences betweeen hd565 and hd580! are they soundwise far apart?


I have had both at the same time. they sound almost identical. I kept the 565 because its more comfortable due to slightly larger headband

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I have had both at the same time. they sound almost identical. I kept the 565 because its more comfortable due to slightly larger headband

I felt the same, ie that they're more comfortable, though ended up using the 580s more due to the cables never working properly on the 565s. Might be difficult to compare, as the 580s press harder against the ear, which will almost certainly change the sq.

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