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Sennheiser HD565 appreciation and service thread

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Edit 7 December 2015:


I started this thread looking for information on how to change the headband pad of the HD565 ovation, but as no-one seemed to know (including the folks at Sennheiser!) I had to do the work myself.


This is a very fine headphone and among the few that has withstood the test of time. Balanced connection and modern amps make the HD565 show qualities I think noone was aware of when the headphone was introduced.






The headband pad of my 565s has totally deteriorated and according to Sennheiser there is no replacement available. It seems to me that the headband is quite similar to the 580, 600 and 650 models, so I wonder if these headband pads might fit?


Only thing is I haven't figured out how to remove the old one. There is a plastic lock at each end which probably can be opened - but how?


HD565 closeup.jpg


The ear pads are for a fact the same as the 580, 600 and 650 models, but again I haven't been able to remove them. Believe me, I've pulled as much as I dared, but they won't move. Do I pull at the pads themselves, or between cup and plastic rim? 


HD565 full.jpg


Information would be greatly appreciated.

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Please all HD580, HD600 and HD650 owners: check your headphones and see if headband & fitting look similar to the one in my pictures of the HD565.


Would be a great help!

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I have exactly the same problem - please let me know if you found a replacement.  I'm thinking of just ripping the old band out and making something myself.  Regards,  Sean

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the earpads just clip into place- just pull them off. reach inside with your fingers- get under the plastic ring- and pull


the headband pad i dont remember-will check when i get home. i have a 565 and a 265- the 265 headband pad is shot so i want a new one as well

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Be careful - I broke the black plastic lock (super glue will probably fix it) on the headband. This piece encircles the steel band, so one should try to pry it open from headband's outside - not the side the headband pad is on.

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Quick, even pressure on the top or bottom is the easiest way ive found to remove senn pads.

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Figured out how to remove the ear pads - a firm grip on the inside of the pad and then pull - and the headband pad as well.


So I decided to share my experiences of the latter in one quick lesson.


Unfortunately, Sennheiser do not keep the original HD565 and HD265 headband pads in stock. The ear pads are identical to the HD580, HD600 and HD650, but the the headband pads of said models are not as long as the HD565/265.


The HD600 and HD650 headband pads ($10-15) will do, however, with a simple modification.




Upper HD650, lower HD565 (deteriorated foam, flat).




Start by gently prying with a knife between headband and plastic lock on the outside of headband (not between plastic and metal).






Eventually it will come loose from the headband.




Now you can remove the metal band cupholder from the headband, and - by pressing the metal tongues - remove the metal band from the lock. Next step is to remove the old headband. To make up for the shorter length of the HD650 pad I cut out some plastic spacers, as it were from a minced meat package.




So, with the headband open at one end, first slide in the plastic spacer.




Then the headband.




Then you put the plastic lock in place at the other end of the headband, and finally insert the metal band cup holder. Voilà:




One of Sennheiser's most underrated and best "bang for the buck" headphones ever is back in business. Precision of left to right instrument placement in the proper recording is stunning.


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Great job!  The HD565 do look very nice!  How to they compare to HD600?

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Very favourably, as I recall. Basic driver and cup design are similar, although the HD565 is a slightly more "closed" construction - se grill and cup - and impedance is 150 ohms as opposed to the 300 ohms HD600.


HD565 2.jpg


I wouldn't say the one is better than the other without doing a proper comparison, but the HD565 can compete for sure. I don't think it was fairly evaluated in the 1990s when amping was still in its infancy. Today we see the HD600 and HD650 (kings now dethroned) in another perspective as well, in the shade of the HD800.


All I can say is try it for yourself - this is some mighty fine performer.

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I thought so!  Now I just have to find one, where and when did you get yours?

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They show up every now and then on the second hand market. I got my mine on ebay.de for $60.



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60 dollars?!  Hmm, well then I'll just keep my eye on the for sale section, and ebay.

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digital pride - 

My asking price is 150AUD. Whats your best offer?

I cant send more PMs. You can email me on 

rajsingh2505 at gmail

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i have had the 545, 565, 580, 600.  all sound similar.


i still have a very nice condition hd565.


the hd565 has slightly better high than the 545- probably due to metal grills. 

the hd565 and 580 sound almost like twins. the 565 is larger and more comfortable.

the 600 has slightly better highs but less bass. 



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It takes some translation but this site sells all sorts of headbands for sennheiser products.


This one is around $64,-- or €50,--.


But i'll take the HD650 route normal_smile%20.gif

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