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Punchy, detailed IEMs - what to get?

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I just got my "new" refurbished ipod 5.5 and while my UE Super.Fi 5vi sound nice and detailed from the headphone out, I find næmyself missing some "punch" and I don't feel like I'm "in" the music like I did with my AKG K271 mk2s or that I get the aggressive punch I got from my Ultrasone HFI-680s. Don't get me wrong, I still think the 60£ I spent on the UE5 was a great buy, but what should I look for to get some more punch?

Comfort and isolation are essential factors as well, as I use them for 8 hours a day at the office smily_headphones1.gif

My musical taste is quite broad, mostly rock and metal, but electronica and acoustic music pops up as well.
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For Entry Levels :

Get Either Klipsch S4 or Monster JAMz, Have either of the two fully burned-in and as a entry level iems it should satsfy your need =)

For More Higher Ends :

Miles Davis Tribute - Great All-Rounded, Very smooth and appropriately detailed, If compared on a direct lineage to JAMz, The bass impact is presented in a more enveloping and engaging soundstage.
Overall it is also more listen-engaging on its musicality than the JAMz

And other brands to consider is

Hippos (Beware of poor QCs though)
Jays (Pride themselves on Bass Extensions)

And the rest do refer to ljokerl 's iem review thread, it will help you alot regardless of your price range budget. Enjoy =)

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westone 3 will give you plenty of punch  


hje900 less bass punch than the westone but still very good but with a more aggressive treble

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Thanks for your input guys!


I looked up the W3's and a review here mentioned the Klipsch Image X10 - I can get the x10 at ~£150 where the W3's come in at £220. Any thoughts on the x10? I like wearing the cable over the ear and I'm not sure if I can do that with the X10 whereas the W3 is clearly made for it. I've inquired on a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Gold in the FS forum and while I hate the "bling" look the reviews do sound like their sound signature is exactly what I'm after. 

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Sennheiser IE8 maybe? Plenty of punch, better than the Atrios and maybe the Monster Turbines. Also has a durable and detachable cable for more awesomeness.

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Hmm MTPG is worth looking at, same for IE8. If you looking for bass monsters then be assured be it Turbine Pro Gold and Sennheiser IE8 Will not disappoint you definitely, That is until your ear's fussiness reaches another level~ Hehe

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Alternatively you can also consider Fischer Audio Silver Bullet and Panasonic HJE900, These two are no slouch either IMO =)

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Well I do like detachable cables... But the IE8 looks like something that might not fit all ears? Mighty big and square, compared to the other bullet-shaped things like the Turbine Pros or the sleeeeeek X10s...

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IE8 should fit, but I've heard that it did not fit everyone's ear. But from my personal experience it fits really good, but it has poor isolation. So if you're looking for an iem with good isolation... you should pass on IE8. Of course... you can always change the tips and tweak it around for your needs.

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Yup i second that about IE8's Isolation too. IF you can force your budget up to the 300~400 range, Best get a Miles Davis, Wonderfully Well-Balanced with Bass Impact that will fit your bill =) Otherwise the MTPG / HJE900 / Q-Jays are worth considering too.
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I'm pretty sure I'm going for a pair of MTPGs now - I've contacted two different sellers here on head-fi, one had another buyer lined up, the other hasn't replied yet. Two sellers on amazon have them "used" (open box) but won't ship outside the US frown.gif

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Well screw it, just ordered a pair of Future Sonics Atrio M5, will report back once I get them smily_headphones1.gif
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Okies! Atrio also has decent bass, cant say it will satisfy you as much as the golds do, but i guess the M5 will not be a regretful purchase for you =) Regardless, Enjoy ^_^
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They were less than half the price of the OOH-LOOK-AT-ME-BLING-BLING-KACHIING MTPGs, so I figured I'd take the plunge and go for it. Some reviewers noted that the Atrios are great for rock and metal, so they should be right up my alley. I'll be sure to post my findings as soon as I get them smily_headphones1.gif

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Heez Sure I will look forward to the reviews! And Yes the Gold and Coppers are pretty bling bling, I used to thought my miles davis were too oscentatious until i went to the shop can put them side by side. Man was i soo wrong xD Since Coppers and Golds full shiny surface tends to reflects light more than the MDs do, attracting that slighly lil more attention among the 3.

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