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For Sale: IC: Sennheiser HD580

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For Sale:
IC: Sennheiser HD580

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys, I have a HD580 with me. Immaculate condition, 2 hours of headtime, with original box and foams intact. No mods have been done in any way. I'm thinking of letting it go to someone who will really appreciate this rare pair of cans. (They're just not to my liking)

I'll ship anywhere. Please pm me with your offers. I think I have a feedback thread here somewhere, use the search button.

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When you say 2 hours of head time, are you implying that you are the first owner?


Also pictures would be appreciated.

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I am the second owner, but both the first owner and I spent a total of a couple hours head time. The condition of the phones are 9.5/10. The box though, is pretty beat up. Still retains its shape though. I may put pictures up when I get the chance, but given the condition, I really don't think I need to.

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Hi, please tell are these HD580 with white/metal damping material or black? Will be great if you post photo. Thanks!

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