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Shure SE 425 Mini Review

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I consider myself a novice among the rest of you, as I've only listened through a handfull of headphones.  

As a listener to the more mainstream genres, I had some doubts getting these headphones as they were often labeled as "flat" and "analytical".


However I can't describe how amazing these iems sound to my ears.

To anyone out there doubting the SE 425s, rest assured that these are far from flat and are more balanced than boring.


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Methinks flat = balanced.


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Could you list the genre of music you listen to? It would help a lot with my decision. It's down to the W2s, q-Jays and SE425s for me.

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Right now I've been listening to a heavy amount of Drum and Bass, which works great with the shures because of the clean high end and tight yet thumpy low end kickdrums.


others in a non specific order:

progressive rock


underground hip hop






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I'd be interested to hear about these - since I am a prospective buyer - thinking of the SE535s too ... please tell me more about how they sound over time..


I like balanced SQ myself...

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I ended up getting the SE535s and I'm glad I did. Not saying the 425s are worse because I haven't even heard them, but if you can afford it, I strongly recommend the 535s.

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How do they compare to say the Westone 3s or the UE Triple Fi 10? Are they simply the best on the market at this stage??



I personally like balanced but involved sound - clear and well articulated. I listen to alot of classical music, jazz, R & B etc....wide soundstage...


I can afford them in a couple of months...

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I've used these headphones for over 100 hours already and are definitely already burned in.  

Overall these are extremely balanced headphones, the most notable thing is that the bass is very accurate, however very tight.

I can't help but feel that the bass response is a little bland, it's accurate, just not alive.


These headphones are really great, however if you have the money I'd go for the se 535s.

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Originally Posted by ProjectDenz View Post

Methinks flat = balanced.


Me dun thinks so.

Me thinks flat = lifeless (dead)

Balance = bass/ mids/ highs not overpowering

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