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Yes jac3atx the DAC is great for the 32 ohms, its the e7 so I get a preamp too, but I want to plug'em to a more serious apm.

carledwards its true they are very detailed, in fact I'm ripping again all my CDs cause I had em in mp3 at 192 and I notice the low quality of the files, so now is flac/wav rip. The hard part is that a very big part of the collection was stolen to my brother... tragic stuff, at the time he was working in a broadcast company and took many of the CDs in his backpack in a couple carrier cases for making some mastering, there were about 650 CDs. He parked his car in the work parking lot got down for picking up something fast leaving the backpack there and once he got back it was stolen... so much of the music is lost and I trying to borrow some CDs from friends..

Man, sorry to hear about the CD theft! Hope you can get most of the music back together. Good luck.

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carledwards -- I frequently see you post to give a shout-out to the Woo 3 / DT990~600ohm combo (which is great, seeing enthusiastic opinions like yours definitely helped steer me toward a combo that I am very happy with; thanks!). I just looked at your profile and saw the RSA Raptor on there. That is an OTL tube amp at about double the cost of the Woo (or more), which nominally looks like it might be an awesome pairing with these cans, so I am intrigued that the Woo is still your choice for daily listening. Any insight into how the Woo differs from the RSA specifically when used with these headphones?

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After almost a month I return to the post for sharing a new and unconventional but good experience I had with my DT990s.

On Friday I had to travel to Mexico City, a 55 minutes flight from my city. Since I was staying overnight I took my HP. I was really curious on how they'll sound on the plane. The first flight was very early in the morning so I decided to take a nap instead of anything. Later that day on the hotel I did my usual "Late Night Session" with them but pretty early in the evening... having not to worry about my wife and kid gave it an even more relaxed experience, I even felt asleep a couple of times.

Next day the flight was not that early so, once the plane was at 10,000ft we were able to turn on electronics, I took my MacBookPro, the e7 and the DT990s, the guys on the other seats looked at me with WTF faces with the usb, e7, headphone leather case and all the stuff. Anyway I plugged them in and OF COURSE they isolated nothing, but that's not new news, I started to pump up the volume and to my surprise by the time I reached 60% of the power (vol35) in the amp, the music was taking over most of the engine sound, I'm not fan of high volume so this is almost the highest I've got with them.
Contrary to what I was expecting I was able to hear very clear all the extension in the music, I was surprised when I was able to hear some very deep bass in certain songs.


In conclusion I DON'T recommend them on the plane, but if you have no other option you can use them and push the volume enough to compete with the cabin sound.

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Revisiting my post again after a couple of weeks using my DT990s for movies and series.


My impression now is that the cans have a HUGE soundstage.

I went through the 2 IronMan movies and several others and what I liked most is the way they represented the place of the sounds was incredible, not just L/R or its planar position, but also scenes with overshoulder cameras you can feel the depth of it.

But my main surprise came once I started to watch Fringe, now I'm almost half the way through the 2nd season and I still have to pause it so I can check if what I'm listening is in the show or in my house. I use them with the e7 on 0eq since they tend to equalize Movies & TV a bit warmer. Ambient stuff is very present and noticeable sometimes even more than in the movie theater maybe because of the intimate experience of the HP besides the theater.

Anyway just a small update on this great cans, that by now they have passed 500hr of use.

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Those are some good cans, even though they are my least favorite of the three.


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The DT-990 is AMAZING.  Unlike the DT-770, there is virtually no sonic difference across the resistances. dt880smile.png

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Selling/trading mine if anyone is interested. Check my sig for the thread.
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Quick reply:


The 990s have been around (and little changed) since 1988!! Mine are from those "early days". Smooth sound, not bright/harsh, but not detailed enough. Very comfortable and durable. Prefer my 2006 DT880-250. But these cans have -- for one reason or another -- their followers. Maybe that's why beyer continues selling them. I think there are MUCH better options from BD, Senn, AKG, AT, Denon, Head-Direct. Modern technology has improved cans design -- and economies of scale -- since the late 80s

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 Beyerdynamics gobble up amps like crazy.

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*grrr* I've been wondering wheather I should get the DT 990 or the DT 880 <.< it's great to hear the 990 has the good Bass without compromising the mids or the Highs, I did a FR response for both the 990 and the 880 and the 880 was more netrual and has less siblance BUT it doesn't have as much Bass, so the question is should I Amp up the 880 if nessicary or attempt to amp down the 990's >.> ethier way I'm going for the 250ohm variety. I don't have teh funds to power a 600ohm hp atm xD


But it's great to hear there's a definate improvement in the 990 over the 770,



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