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Beyerdynamic DT990 or Ultrasone Pro 900

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Hey guys, 


I currently own an AKG K701.  It does everything perfect, except bass.  I really want a headphone with more impact in the bass department, and I've narrowed it down to the DT990 and the Pro 900.  If anyone has experience with these two and can tell me which one is better and why, I'd greatly appreciate it.


90% of my music collection is electronic (trance, drum and bass, house, ambient techno) and I'm looking for a headphone that excels in that genre.




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I have the K701, and want to maintain a large and airy soundstage, with more bass. I opted for the DT990/600 myself (waiting for them to arrive, as well as the E9 to be released so I can get it as well). I'm more of a bass/treble head anyway, and I hear the DT990/60 does this wonderfully for an open headphone.


If you want thrills for a good price, the XB700 is wonderful as well.

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Can you post impressions comparing the DT990 and the K701 when you get them??



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I own the DT990/600 and the Pro 750, which I realize is a bit different.


That said, I can give an impression about the bass of both.


The DT990 has the best bass I've heard in a headphone.  It reaches deep with ease, and it sounds like speaker bass.  You can hear the directionality better than I'm used to from other headphones, and it's like being wrapped in a nice fuzzy warm blanket.


The Pro750 might be at least some different than the Pro900, but I find it has much more aggressive and punchy bass, with plenty of impact, but it doesn't sound quite as natural.

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I think the DT990 would be great for you mind you I've never heard the Pro 900. I really enjoyed my 250 ohm with trance and the like for those late-night bass cravings. However, I found the treble to be way too pronounced on them.

The DT990 is very different beast than the K701. More bass (about as much as the D2000), recessed mids, and a boosted treble. They did have good soundstage though and imaging though I would say a bit less than soundstage size than the K701. Unfortunately I can't do a side by side comparison as both of my drivers developed rattling so I'll have to order some new ones whenever I get the chance. If you want more in depth impressions I'd be happy to oblige.


How much more bass do you want?

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DT990 are great because of the bass... I'll go for them

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Thanks for the responses guys.


FWIR, the Pro 900 is a smoother, more refined version of the Pro 750, with more bass.  I realize both the DT990 and the Pro 900 are going to have great bass, but how does each headphone do with electronic music?


If anyone can tell me the differences in soundstage, imaging, and the PRAT of each headphone, that be awesome.


For the longest time, I knew I wanted the Ultrasone Pro 900, but then I remembered that the DT990 600ohm also has a great sound signature, and here I am asking for advice 

I've also heard that the highs on the DT990 can be a bit harsh, though the 600ohm version is supposed to take care of that.  The Pro 900, on the other hand, is supposed to have smooth highs with great extension.  I want highs to be somewhat bright (as that adds to the sound of synths), however I do not want them to be harsh.


Anyways, thanks for your advice, and anymore help would be awesome.

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 I am surprised by joel's 990 impressions as the t1 don't strike me as bass phones though they do go lower with more control when called far however wraped in a warm blanket is exactly the feeling the pro 900 give, for me same with the speaker like presentation. I was and still am supprised by the T1s character , much differant.  The pro 900 sound great on the go with good isolation also there charachter is for me soft on the pschy aswell as having lushis waves of meliflious bass  the drivers are extreamly stiff being a closed phone the timbre of the titatnium also aids in producing nice clarity throughout the spectrum. The headband and earcups vibrate In a nice rythem with what one hears, lying down when the pads are grounded by my pillow the bass becames deeperstill. In contrast t1 effetivlly has no earcup movment unless pushed to extreammly unsafe leves with my gear anyway. I probably would'nt have bought the t1 if I could of auditioned them. The s logic works really well watching movies is" wow I feel like i dont have to go to the theater anymore" thats how good they are:)  the decentralized drivers also help in reducing ear fatigue and feels like yours in a perfect studio space that expands with the program matrial.  there character is mmmmm feellly, wheres as the t1 are cereabral there overall balance when trying to get a more pro 900 sound out of them is such that they have to be cranked this is mostly with electronic music, acoustic music does sound really right through the t1 though, even organ wich really brought out the t1 actual bass capability.  Any way I to would love to here a beyer phone with huge juicy bass!  anybody can confirm that perhaps the 990s have more symilarity to the pro 900 then the t1 do?, as joels post seems to indicate? to give you an idea the little zinos have more bass feel in there nature then the t1 wich are very clinical by comparason. But ya the T1 are still trully amaazing but sooo are the pro 900s. I say just get one cause sonner or later you probably will get both as I now am contemplating geess  then again pro 900 are delicious......but 2900 or open like the 990sssssssssssss

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The DT-990s are currently my favorite headphone.  I am very interested in getting Ultrasone.  Since you have the K701s, We can compare there.


The DT-990s is an engaging headphone, but doesn't lack detail and has good clarity.  The Sibilance factor isn't at all bad on the DT-990, unless you REALLY blast them.  The sound stage is very impressive and enjoyable.  The treble is bright and lively.  Sometimes I feel it can be a bit too much, but the DT-990 spark emotions.  The shimmer effect of highs is amazing.


It's more of the entire package rather then specific points.  I feel vocals are more a part of the song, then made to stand out.  The punchy trance bass smacks hard!  It really is unrelenting and consistent.  The headphone says, you will like the beat!  The synthesized mids are warm and mobile.  It truly becomes a concert hall like experience.  Everything feels expansive and surrounding.  There is an aura.


I will say this.  After extended K701 listening periods, I put the DT-990 on and I say ... meh.  Where's the sound stage and the amazing detail.  The K701 is a GREAT headphone, when a song is produced well.  The stereo effects from songs are brought to life and the vocals are amazing.  It is truly an analytical phone, and becomes more enjoyable when you completely focus your attention.  It focuses are that and it tends to avoid other areas.


HOWEVER,  after listening to the DT-990s for a while, it seems like my ears adjust and then I love them again.  The full, environment sound envelopes you.  Then, after I listen to the DT-990 for a while, and put on the K701s, I say.. meh.  Where's the warmth, where's the bass... etc etc.


What I love about this combination of headphones, is that they are different.  I feel the need to listen to one or the other, and after listening to one, I rediscover the other.

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Thanks Coupe for that comparison.  I'm definitely looking for a headphone that can spark emotion, as 90% of the Trance I listen to is progressive with female vocals (such as Oceanlab, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren) and I'm glad to hear the bass is awesome.  I really enjoy the K701's soundstage and detail, though I'd be willing to give up some of the spacious soundstage for a more bassy and engaging sound signature.


The DT990 sound like a great headphone, the question remains whether the Pro 900 can deliver the same great bass and emotional spark.  I'm worried that the S-Logic effect won't work, as it doesn't for some of the people who have tried it.

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At the end if you don't like one or the other, you can always sell it or return them... The best thing you can do is to test'em. I guess you can find some good audio stores in Arizona.

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I should also add. The K701 forces me to focus.

The DT990 tries to distract you. When I turn off the TV, computer, and all other distractions and focus on music, the 990 shines! The detail comes out from the bass.

Please don't be misrepresented; the 990 has an amazing sound stage.
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I recommend DT990 600 ohm, it has wider soundstage than the DT990,  DT990 pro is for professional monitor used,  and I do not know whether you like the sound similar to the studio.

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