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I would have loved to have attended, but definitely no time in my schedule for it

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We'll try to do another one in the next few months.  Winter/Spring months are best because we can get low rates at hotel meeting rooms, which work extremely well.  I'll look into it when we get closer to that time, but will have to get it approved by Jude first (as is the policy whenever money needs to be collected).

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Originally Posted by sachu View Post

looks like a great meet. wish i could have been there. One of the few local meets where i would've listened to some of the gear on offer other than the main draw..that is socializing with new and old friends. smily_headphones1.gif

That Omega sure does look happy next to that BH.


Gilency, sucks about your exstata buddy. 

If you find out what is wrong with the amp and need some parts or something, hit me up and i'll see what i can spare. Post on the exstata thread and we'l figure it out.

that is very nice of you. Thank you

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Hey guys! My wife and I loved having you over.. when we told our friends about the weekend- they wanted to know when we will do another one..And I really think we should do another one soon.


I wanted to thank everyone for being so cooperative and tidy- not so much as a scuff on anything... you guys make great guests.


I went and got the amps but because I got a bit of a late start I got ensnarled in traffic. We had a party later on with 40 people...cranking up the complaints from the neighbors because they all came! I'm glad everyone liked Mercedes- it's our second 


1. I found a Bobby McFerrin (orange Maxell CD) in my player.. I think it is N3rdlings. How can I get that back to you?

2. Unfortunately-I now am looking for Stax omegas

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The Bobby McFerrin CD is mine, but it's just a copy of various songs from 3 albums I have so you can keep it if you'd like and use it as a test disc.  The SQ is phenomenal.

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Wish I could've made it.  I woke up yesterday feeling not well and continued to do so for the rest of the day.


Next time.

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I wanted to thank John for hosting this meet, especially at such a fabulous location!  It was great meeting a lot of local people from Head-fi...I moved here a couple years ago and so I'm still pretty new to the scene here.


It was good to see a lot of nice rigs and headphones brought to the meet...a lot of stuff that I hadn't heard before which was great!  As with everyone else, I also loved the Omega and Blue Hawaii well as the Sigmas.  The Omegas to me sounded a lot more open and clear than the O2 which can have more warmth and closed in soundstage.  I guess that it is a combination of the larger driver and the fact that it sits closer to the ears.   Here's to hoping the O3 will have some similar traights as the Omega...and even if it does cost in the vicinity of $3k, I think it would be worth it just for the fact that you won't have to spend a fortune hunting down an original omega from 20 years ago that isn't repairable anymore.


The other combo I loved was the HD800 with DHC complement cable along with my Woo5 amp...which on certain tracks really sounded wonderfully open, punchy, and organic sounding.   I also really fell in love the the HD650 out of my Woo amp...really a killer combo and I don't know why I ever sold mine off over a year ago.  A really amazing headphone for $250 (+recable).  This headphone really scales incredibly well with better equipment...maybe even more so than the HD800 i feel.


On a side note, I must say that I was a little disappointed with how little people actually listened to other people's equipment (I'm also a little guilty).  I felt like people mostly tried headphones on for 30 seconds to a minute and judged based off a very quick first impression...which to me isn't really a great way of judging a headphone. All the headphones were so different sounding that it takes at least a few minutes to adjust to the tonality of what you are listening to.


Overall i had a wonderful time and hope we have these meets more often, if only to spend more time with local head-fiers smily_headphones1.gif

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I agree, I think we had so much fun talking with each other that we didn't get much head time with each others rigs. 


I can see now why some meets can go for 8 hours +. Time flies when you're having fun!

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I went to high school in Redlands. When I come home for summer we should do an I.E. meet  smily_headphones1.gif

Originally Posted by gilency View Post

Got got home (long drive) back to Redlands.

It was wonderful to make new friends. John, thank you for your generosity in opening your home to a bunch of strangers. You made us feel welcome.

Thunderpants (Bigrock) were very clear and detailed. Never listened to orthodynamics before and they did not disappoint.

LCD2's were nice (thanks monsieurguzel!). beautiful mids, somewhat recessed (to my ears) but very detailed highs. The lows sounded a little bloated to my ears but overall they were very enjoyable).

I did not think much of the HD800's before but was very surprised at the punchy deep bass and huge soundstage coming out of Dallan's Zana Deux.

My eXStatA died, but Milos' Blue Hawaii took my Sigmas to new highs.

Oh, but those Omegas! they sound way better than anything I have ever heard. The crowd preferred the original Omegas, I really loved the O2's. 

Dinner with Gaurav, Milos and Phil was great too. Very tasty plaintains.

It was a pleasure meeting you all!

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Sure! invite all the 909'ers .  I am sure there are more than a few who live around here. Go Bruins

! I trained at the old UCLA-CHS before the Ronald Reagan was built.

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most I have seen over the past 3 years have gone for over 4 grand. Never seen one this inexpensive.


HI Guys....sorry about your wallet.

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Oh good, is that the one you had over there?  

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Originally Posted by shaizada View Post

I had a blast guys!  I came in late, but I enjoyed every moment of it.  Many thanks to John and his wife for being such gracious hosts.  You were right John....dinner at Mercedes was mind blowing.  3 of us ordered the same dish for some reason...the jerk enchildas.  Out of this world!


Only heard one rig....the Blue Hawaii with the SR Omegas.  Such a joy!  Milos, I am very very happy for you buddy.  That Wadia 861 with the GNSC mods was absolutely outstanding with the BH / SR-Omega rig!  Not a single hint of digititus.  Very pure, analog and welcoming.


Oh it was a Wadia 860x SE with Great Norther Sound (GNS) statement level upgrade..  IMHO the 861 loses by a wide margin to the 860 in that the 861 just sounds like fast stripped to the point of barren digital. Though I never directly A/B'd them...I heard them in similar systems... the catch is... you really need a resolving system to hear what the Wadia is capable of... anything lacking makes you lost most of the glorious  detail. I've ran my older 860 without GNS upgrades through ProAc Response 1SC speakers (nice resolving power) but through a less than stellar amp...and the micro detail was lost.


 I could upgrade my 860 to a 861..but I think that would ruin it. The 860x SE GNS Statement has ended my upgrade path for digital 44.1kHz 16 bit to 24bit 96kHz.....done deal IMHO. 

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Originally Posted by dallan View Post

Oh good, is that the one you had over there?  

it is without all the Mods but still very much worth owning... I loved it and never felt I needed to upgrade it. If I had to go backwards I might miss a few things about it.... but certainly IMHO it is still better than every other digital source available... I think a lot of reviewers never gave it a fair shake as Wadia  was unfriendly for awhile about loaning things for review and did not give discounts to reviews (that really annoyed them) ...also I think many reviewers  systems were designed to remove digititis so much in rolling of the glare in the high end..that it killed the ability for reviewers to hear the micro detail. The Wadia is in no way glarely.... but I personally do not like the lower model CD players from Wadia (581, 3XX series older DACS) ... and not... strangely enough....  the Newest $20,000 separate transport DAC combos either.  I think the units were voiced differently by different people on different systems. Synergy is so important... and I think unless you have a very light midrange and tweeter driver surface as well as smaller woofers until you go under 60hz.... you can not get the micro detail  and timbre correct in speakers... I also think you need electrostatic headphones to hear this....and a bolt load of clean voltage.



I was searching for something new for my portable rig.... so I tossed on headphones quickly...mostly to see if the fit would stay on for snowboarding..  So unfortunately... the open air ones were quickly eliminated... there wasn't much portable stuff there.

I can't use headphones much at home because sometimes I think people/guest will think I am being anti social.


EVEN SO : The Stax Omega rig did get my thinking about owning a home rig.. Seeing as I already have the CD player to make it work. And I have neighbors who totally suck. I also like listening later at night.

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Originally Posted by monsieurguzel View Post

 I also really fell in love the the HD650 out of my Woo amp...really a killer combo and I don't know why I ever sold mine off over a year ago.  A really amazing headphone for $250 (+recable).  This headphone really scales incredibly well with better equipment...maybe even more so than the HD800 i feel.

 I feel exactly the same way... it was one of my favorite dynamic headphone combos. I used to own the HD 600s and sold them mostly because I amped them wrong. Dumb dumb dumb... and I only paid $140 for them b stock from Germany

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