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Los Angeles meet 10/16/10  

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Thanks to John (Golden Ears) and his family for being wonderful hosts and sharing their killer place. 


It was a fun day with old and new friends. Good sounding gear all around, with n3rdling's Stax rig being the star of the show. Here's a pic to warm the appetite.



More pic's can been seen in a Photobucket album:

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Just got home from dinner at Mercedes...very good salmon. 


Thanks to John and his family for welcoming us into their home and allowing us to geek out for a day. smily_headphones1.gif  It's been a while since we last had a meet, so it was nice to see some of the regulars I already know and also to get a chance to meet a few more locals.  


I'm glad you guys seemed to enjoy the Omegas. smily_headphones1.gif  They are special to me.


I only listened to the HD800 out of the Woo 5.  They seem to do so many things right, but the HD800 just isn't for me it seems.  If the midrange were more involving I think I would really like this headphone.  I very briefly listened to my new TPs and liked what I heard.


I spent the rest of the time talking to people.  Everybody was very nice and we have a pretty knowledgeable group. I was impressed.  Highlight was talking to gilency about all things electrostatic.   That and John's wife getting goosebumps listening to the Omegas.  haha.  Dinner was fantastic as well.  Thanks again John and family.

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Yes I agree about those Omega's, Very special set of headphones you got there N3rdling. 


Special thanks to GoldenEars for hosting! 


I'd say my favorite was definitely the Omega's out of the Blue Hawaii.


Seeing all those beautiful amps makes me seriously consider upping my amp game up. 


Cheers everyone for a fantastic Meet!

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I said it on the other thread but i will repeat it here too.  Thanks GoldenEars for being a great host.  Beautiful home and wonderful environment.  

The Omega/Blue Hawaiian won in my book too.  

Lot's of great gear and nice people.

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I'm a little bummed that I didn't remember to test my Thunderpants out of your Zana Dallan. 


Oh well, maybe next meet. 

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Another fun meet!  Much smaller crowd than usual, but always a great bunch with the L.A. group.  Thanks to John and his wife for hosting the meet in their very lovely home.  I should go to Venice more often.

Dinner and conversation was great with Gaurav, Milos, and gilency (can't remember your name, sorry buddy).


The highlight of the meet for me was Milos' SR-Omega and Blue Hawaii.  I have heard almost every other electrostatic headphone and never been blown away to the point where I felt I wanted a rig of my own, but these are something special.  They were just amazing and did almost everything right.  It's unfortunate these were a limited edition run from '93, but to me these are by far the best Stax ever made -- hopefully the upcoming Omega 3 will be even more impressive.  Just mesmerizing.  I envy you.  Enjoy them!


All the other gear there was nice too, most of it I have heard before.

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I can't believe I forgot to listen to your TPs Bigrock. frown.gif  Next meet, I promise!

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We came pretty late but were greeted very graciously by John, and I gotta give him props again for hosting this meet! Very enjoyable playing with all of these expensive toys while looking out at the ocean.


I got to try out a few things I haven't heard before. Favorite probably being n3rdling's Omegas out of the BH. For some reason though, I didn't try out his O2 out of BH to compare to my O2/717. Hopefully, I'll try it out next meet, and maybe I'll bring out the 717 too for others to A/B.


It was also very nice seeing a lot of familiar faces and meeting others who I've been to the same meets as but never met. We definitely gotta do this again soon. smily_headphones1.gif

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No biggie Milos, next time for sure!

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Got got home (long drive) back to Redlands.

It was wonderful to make new friends. John, thank you for your generosity in opening your home to a bunch of strangers. You made us feel welcome.

Thunderpants (Bigrock) were very clear and detailed. Never listened to orthodynamics before and they did not disappoint.

LCD2's were nice (thanks monsieurguzel!). beautiful mids, somewhat recessed (to my ears) but very detailed highs. The lows sounded a little bloated to my ears but overall they were very enjoyable).

I did not think much of the HD800's before but was very surprised at the punchy deep bass and huge soundstage coming out of Dallan's Zana Deux.

My eXStatA died, but Milos' Blue Hawaii took my Sigmas to new highs.

Oh, but those Omegas! they sound way better than anything I have ever heard. The crowd preferred the original Omegas, I really loved the O2's. 

Dinner with Gaurav, Milos and Phil was great too. Very tasty plaintains.

It was a pleasure meeting you all!

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What happened to your eXStata? frown.gif

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not sure yet. Will check tomorrow. There were a couple of things rattling inside though.

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looks like a great meet. wish i could have been there. One of the few local meets where i would've listened to some of the gear on offer other than the main draw..that is socializing with new and old friends. smily_headphones1.gif

That Omega sure does look happy next to that BH.


Gilency, sucks about your exstata buddy. 

If you find out what is wrong with the amp and need some parts or something, hit me up and i'll see what i can spare. Post on the exstata thread and we'l figure it out.

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I had a blast guys!  I came in late, but I enjoyed every moment of it.  Many thanks to John and his wife for being such gracious hosts.  You were right John....dinner at Mercedes was mind blowing.  3 of us ordered the same dish for some reason...the jerk enchildas.  Out of this world!


Only heard one rig....the Blue Hawaii with the SR Omegas.  Such a joy!  Milos, I am very very happy for you buddy.  That Wadia 861 with the GNSC mods was absolutely outstanding with the BH / SR-Omega rig!  Not a single hint of digititus.  Very pure, analog and welcoming.

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amazing meet! the people, the place, the gear- everything was awesome. my only regret is not arriving sooner!


big thanks to john for hosting the event and to everyone who attended smily_headphones1.gif


can't wait for the next local meet!

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