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Just to add another point--I like the HD280s also. I'll certainly concede that they aren't perfect headphones, but given the price, they're very nice.

With respect to the bass, in my review vs. the V6 I note that from my iPod, the bass is indeed weak, but from a better-powered source, the bass is fine. Particularly strong extension, very tight and controlled, though admittedly not super-loud. Really quite good, particularly for classical/acoustic.
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Just bumping this so we can get it RIGHT NEXT TO the "HD-280s are AWESOME" thread.
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Originally posted by Hunter_Killer
Im sick of reading these first impressions where people go "OMFG !!!#$@$ MY HEADPHONES SUCK !!! OMG" then 2 days later after burning in "OMFG THEYRE GREAT !!! HOW STUPID OF ME !!!!"

DO NOT post your opinion of the cans until youve burnt them in. Theres about 600 of these threads popping up every week.
I've never seen this on Head-Fi, not the type of dramatic improvement through break-in that you are trying to portray here. Break-in might yield a slight improvement over time but if the headphone sucks upon initial listening, it will merely suck a little less after break-in, assuming they "break in" at all.
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I like my 280's. I use them with a Panasonic SL-CT470 on Metro-North (a commuter railroad), so I need isolation in both directions; these phones deliver. I find them to be very detailed, no 'Sennheiser veil,' but a tad bright in the overall tonal balance. I find they get a bit dry and analytical with an amp, so I use them ampless and with the X-Bass on. They're a little sloppy and a lot mor enjoyable that way. In the near future, I think I'll get a Beyer 250-80 for a comparo and sell off the loser. (I'd use my Senn 580's if they didn't leak sound and bother everyone on the train; Grado's won't work on the train, not to mention that fine Grato sound..) Just my $.02.
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dave: great, let us know how the isolation compares, too.
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I actually bought the Beyer 250-80 and the 280pro together. I ended up returning the Beyers and keeping the Senns because the Beyers were a little too much for my portable(s) to drive unamped. (It wasn't a matter of sound quality since I wasn't crazy about the Senns before burn in and very nearly returned them as well. Glad I didn't. ) I'd be interested to hear your experience in this regard.
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I agree with Davie, their mids may be a little strong at times but they have some of the deepest tightest bass I've heard. They definitely shine with well recorded music and show the floors in poor recordings. Burn in with theae is important, mine are about 3 years old and have only proves with time. As a comparison to the ATH-M50 which is a direct competitor, they have less bass but far higher quality bass. Better mids too. The ATH-M50 beat them in the areas of sound stage and treble. Getting som HD380s this week, looking forward to comparing them. smily_headphones1.gif
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