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For Sale: FS: Sony NWHD-5 20GB Dap Black

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For Sale:
FS: Sony NWHD-5 20GB Dap Black

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hey Guys and Gals


Selling my very beloved Sony NW-HD5 digital audio player. Yup, the legendary HD5. I purchased it a few months ago on ebay, but am in need of cash at the moment. I purchased it used, and there are some knicks on the bottom and on the side. Otherwise, the beautiful anodized black construction is very tough, and it feels good in the hand.


Beyond cosmetics, I dont believe there are any defects whatsoever (I also purchased a SquareTrade 2 Year Warranty, I'm gonna see if thats transferable)


I'll include a USB cable as well as original charger. Battery life is superb, and there are plenty of replacement batteries on ebay. Sound is definitely wonderful, and it even has a Line Out Operation (great for portable amps)


PM me with any questions.

Asking $120 $100 shipped/paypal'd CONUS. Additional shipping charges for anywhere else, but priority goes to domestic sales


Squaretrade Warranty is Transferable

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also willing to trade + cash on my part for Audio Technica CK10, but thats the only item ill consider

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Bump price drop

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