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For Sale: Grado RS-1 $330

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For Sale:
Grado RS-1 $330

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my Grado RS-1 for $330 + $10 shipping. I'm at school right now so I can't upload pictures, but I will when I get home in 2 hours. It has about a few small nicks in the wood, and a bit of the black paint on the grilles is flaking off (just a few specks, not too bad). I don't have the box. I will ship overseas if the seller pays the additional shipping cost. My feedback is here:



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WOW that is an awsome price and it would be a perfect match for my MAD EAR+. Bad timing just bought new source. Congrat to the future lucky buyer!

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sent pm


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PM Sent!

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Hello TVRBoy, 


I'm pming you in regards to your RS1 sale back in October. I didn't notice a "SOLD" remark and was wondering if they are still in your possession? I'm interested if they are and you are in fact interested in still selling these. Thanks for you time. 


- A 

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