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What is the cable like, they look like the same as what is being used on other models.

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They are the same cables as we are using the M1 and M2. They are good quality, sturdy and feel nice. The actual cable is silver wire, again like the M1 and M2.

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I received the email from raz that the review samples were in the mail! Christmas is coming early this year!

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Well, I've got both in my polluted hands and in my sweaty ears. In terms of sound, I've not figured the M3 out enough simply because I haven't had enough time. But, the M3 IS comfortable. That arm that sticks out isn't an ear-poker at all and the earphones can be worn up or down easily. 


M3 has a good cable, much nicer than the XScape cable and in my opinion, comes with better ear tips. The included are Sony-hybrid like ear tips as well as a hybrid foam (my favourite), the sort that comes with the FX500. Iniside of the hybrid foam, though, is a rubber or plastic shunt to help the ear tips stay together. In terms of package quality, the M3 is ahead, but again, I've not spent enough time with them to come to any sound conclusions.


A few observations:

The M3's bass is solid, but it isn't the main tonal thrust. I think in terms of overall clarity tonal clarity, the Xscape is ahead, but again, I've not spent enough time with the M3 to give any final judgements.

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wonder how it will stack against Xscape.

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I got my review sample yesterday.


I want to listen for a while and familiarise myself properly with them, and compare them with other earphones and headphones, and see if any significant burn in effect is evident before writing anything too much, but with 12 hours or so of white noise and a few hours of casual listening to various music I can say that I like these a lot already.


The general character is organic and smooth. At this point listening I can hear them up to about 17,000 Hz and down below 20 Hz, there is a little bump at about 8000Hz (less apparent I think after 12 hours of white noise), the noise level picks up just a bit at about 1400Hz and down (again perhaps not as apparent as before the 12hrs burn in), seems to drop off gently from 30Hz or so - take these with a pinch of salt since there may be some change to come. Highs are not emphasised, but are there, so they don't seem analytical - I haven't listened comparatively to see how detailed they actually are. They impart a little velvety warmth to music at this point, but they deal with a lot of different music in a really satisfying way that seems very close to life like. They're clearly a lot better than the M2s which I liked but with serious provisos. I'll be looking to compare them to the quality of my RE-0 although the presentation is very different. The presentation may prove comparable to HD580/600 at a loose guess, I'll be comparing these to see.


Edit to say they're not at all like the HD 580s in signature...

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I  am watching this thread anxiously

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I should add that the comfort of these is good for me too. The arm limits the depth that they can go in your ear and I imagine that may prove to be a problem for some , but for me not a problem at all.


Edit, I have the M2s somewhere which I can dig out I think.

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I've got the M2 or M1 - can't remember which. Overall, these are worth their price, but I'm not expecting top-class performance for the price. What is obvious, however, is that for the price, they smack their competitors around for sturdiness. I have full faith that these can take quite a bit of abuse, which is good. They do have a bit of upper midrange smear, but other than that, are smooth and pretty focused. Overall, shaping up to be a great earphone. 

I've even though that I could use these instead of my all-time favs for general commute earphones. The CK10 isolate better and have better cable, but damn, I love the way the M3 fits and feels and the more visceral bass is excellent. It does go deep, it just doesn't go bottom-out.

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I think shigzeo is right about the slight upper mid smear, and about the bass too.

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I received my review sample yesterday also. I've had them burning in for the last 12 hours or so. I did listen to them for an hour or so yesterday in the car, basically to drown out my two teen-age daughters arguing in the backseat...


Initial impression: Comfort isn't an issue for me as the arm rests comfortably within that external chamber of the outer ear. The sound is almost as encompassing as a set of full-size cans. Spacious and deep, but not very tall. Highs were not as emphasized as low mids, but I'm betting this changes as they are broken-in. I'm impressed... If the trebles develop, these could be S4 killers... and I love my S4s.

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S4 killers ? The M2s were already a S4 killer IMO. I am looking forward to lot better performance from the M3.

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I think that burn-in is improving these things.


Apart from that they're responding very well to amplification. Since they're quite easy to get good volume from they might seem as if good amping would help, but most of the slight lack of control in the mids are gone with sufficient amping.

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yup, the M2's already are S4 killers.  same bass quantity, but with better mids and highs.


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S4 killers ? The M2s were already a S4 killer IMO. I am looking forward to lot better performance from the M3.

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I really disagree about the M2s being S4 killers, since I reviewed them for Brainwavz also. I like the M2s a lot, but the S4s sound  brighter to me and they are still the most comfortable IEMs, next to the PL50s, that I've ever listened to. IMO...


The M3s have opened up with about 30 hours of general music break-in. They still seem really centered in the lower mids and bass range, but they are getting sweeter in the upper mids and trebles. They really do sound like a good set of full-size, open cans. This is with the medium silicone tips. I'm shifting to the included foam tips later today, but for the moment, I'm just enjoying these excellent sounding phones... and NFL Red Zone.

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