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Im interested if its in Sydney. The office at Circular Quay sounds like a great place! =]

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If there were a few going to Canberra, I'd be interested in driving up.


Otherwise, let us know if you're definitely coming to Melbourne. It may be a good time for a meet, which I'm sure a few of us here would be happy to orgainse. Propitious timing also - holidays of course.





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vincents: That place sounds like a plan.  Thanks for offering it.


What gear are people thinking of bringing? I regrettably can't bring my main rig -- wont fit in my suitcase  but can bring the new NFB-11 (which I'll have to re-wire for 240V), LCD-2s and Symphones Magnums.

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Currawong - Hi


I paid for my NFB-11 on Oct 18 so it should be in Sydney soon (email today from them said just burning it in so that will save you converting yours). Other bits I keep on site include an iDecco, DACport and there is a MIngDa 34b which lives there as well. 


cheers Vincent

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Hehe so many of these acronyms go right over my head biggrin.gif 

I guess I've been spending too much time trolling the portable realm


So is it pretty much settled that the location will be the office at Circular Quay offered by Vincent?

What's the next step...

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Might be able to come with gears too but only headphones as my sources and amps are too heavy lol...

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I spoke to my lovely wife, and she agreed to be my chaperone and cruise the Rocks markets for last minute Stressmas accessories while I sit in some dingy office...on the proviso that I shout her a feed at the Lowenbrau.


I will bring my modest hp rigs as advertised in my sig.  I'm not sure about a source to feed my dac tho' as my laptop is pretty noisy.


@ vincents, I guess that eighty lineal centimetres would be more than enough for me.


p.s. In addition I will bring my spanky new Samsung Galaxy S, which I will be rockboxing asap...providing I don't break or lose it in the meantime 


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Guys - Hi


The address is Level 6, 2 Bulletin Place Sydney - it is very near the cirq quay end of Pitt St (if you walk down Pitt Sy from cirq quay and get to the Marriott Hotel you have gone 5 metres too far). As I am going away for the 10 days beforehand if one of the rest of you can do an attendance list and an equipment list that would be great. As it will be Sunday the power quality in the building should be quite good.  


I will ask one of the better Sydney dealers is there any gear they want to supply to add some more of the newer dac/headamps if people are happy with that ?


cheers - Vincent 

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Hi all, may I come too?


Im new to head audio so Im interested experiencing different equipment and learning your experiences as to what to look for in sound.


I'll bring along my K701s, WA6, possibly Burson Audio 160 (if I dont sell it by then) and a Keces 131 (if I buy it by then).



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navii: You're more than welcome. smily_headphones1.gif


If everyone indeed posts their gear, I'll modify the first post.


vincent: I still intend to bring my NFB-11 converted, as I specifically got it for this trip.  I have to bring an empty suitcase with me anyway, as I want to bring some things back from Australia, so maybe I can put some gear in there.


Anyhow, I'll probably bring:


MacBook Pro


Symphones Magnums


A bunch of optical and coax digital cables and some ICs.


I'll be renting a car on the day, so it's possible that I could drive to someone's place and help them with gear if anyone wants to bring a more substantial rig.


This will actually be the first Head-fi meet I will have ever attended, ignoring the 2-person meets I had locally, so I'm very much looking forward to it. smily_headphones1.gif

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I can bring my:


MacBook Pro

EarSonics SM3s

Sansa Clip+

iPod 5.5g


I don't have much...

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I can bring my LCD-2, Burson HA-160, and Devilsound V2.1 dac

I don't have a laptop and my dac only has USB input so it would be really good if there was a spare laptop there I could connect it to smily_headphones1.gif

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Damn, looks like a nice meet coming along but I can't attend on the 19th - work Christmas party. Hope you all have a good meet.

I'd possibly be up for a drive to Canberra if there's interest in a meet down there too biggrin.gif

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Hi Guys,


I haven't posted much on this forum (more of a reader), but my work colleague and I would love to attend. Our gear isn't that special, but we'd love to come if you guys will have us!


My gear:


MacBook Air 11in

HeadRoom Total Bithead Portable amp/DAC

Xiang Sheng 708B hastily modded by me with ALPS blue velvet Pot (need to rewire and finish mods!) + rolled with Philips JAN 6922 tubes

Denon MD2000 with silky oak wood cups and J$ lambskin earpads



My colleague:




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I will be able to bring the following:


Ultrasone Pro 900

AKG K601

Head Direct RE0


Headstage Arrow HE

MAD Ear+ Purist HD SE



Samsung Galaxy S





@ vincents, will we need to bring power boards and leads, or will there be ample power points close to hand?  I think inviting a dealer to show some gear is a good idea.

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