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Anyone else have their pair handy to where they could measure it for me?

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Wearing them right now but I don't have a ruler. Let me find something to compare it too. I know for a fact my ears are well inside, infact it's almost a perfect fit, not to snug around but it's not like I'm lost in them.


BACK with a good idea of the size, the seem on the insides of the ear cup is about the size of a lip on a soda can, which doesn't seem like a lot but its plenty of room and they are easily around my ears.

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Thanks for the info.  I measured a can and it's right at 2".  Then I measured my ear, which is about 2.5".  I guess they'll be oversized on-ear 'phones for me.  Hopefully the acclaimed comfort of them makes that problem minor. 

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Originally Posted by bigdaddyp16 View Post

Thanks for the info.  I measured a can and it's right at 2".  Then I measured my ear, which is about 2.5".  I guess they'll be oversized on-ear 'phones for me.  Hopefully the acclaimed comfort of them makes that problem minor. 

XB700 then?

i have them and i'm very pleased with overall performance. unless im playing 128 kbps mp3's ... but thats the format not the phones.


 i think the inside is the same of the XB500 i think, unless my can of soda is bigger, it fits loose tho.hoe did you measure your ears? mine are larger from tip to end but fits well inside. (because is like bend over, am i a freak)


If you need to, i can get a measure tape somewhere and post a photo with it.

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I just measured my XB700, the inside circumference is about 2.34" in diameter, the padding is really soft, so even if your ears are slightly larger I think will still be quite comfortable.

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My ears are like ~2.7" from top to bottom and I have no prob with comfort on XB500 due to the softness you won't really notice whatever whole ear is inside or not.

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Wther your ears touch the pads or not, it really doesn't mater. The pads are frigging amazingly soft on any of the XB's. They are like pillows. They are easily the best pads I have ever had on my ears, with the exception of the seams that iritated my ears to no end, though I'm in the extreme minority. The XB300 doesn't have the seams the XB500/XB700 both have which is the one thing it has over the other two, though it is on ear completely.

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i just picked up a pair of these tonight from my local Best Buy. from reading around, it seemed like they may be a fun headphone to mess around with. and boy was i right. on a PA2V2 these things are ridiculous. right out of my HTC Incredible they were so-so, on the amp they are insane! i've never felt bass from headphones before. these things can seriously cause hearing damage if you're not careful. they are of course very bass heavy, but they don't sad bad though. nowhere near balanced or neutral but i wouldn't say it's all bass. the midrange and treble are still there, but it's obvious that the bass is running the show. sure it's not the tightest bass i have ever heard, but i wouldn't call it sloppy either. they are definitely a kick ass headphone for 75 bucks. 


they are also really really comfy. the huge pads are super thick and so soft.

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if you are planning to get the XB series don't worry about comfort, it's there.  They just have the common leatherette issues.

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Finally ordered the XB500's.  They were out of stock at Sony Rewards for awhile.  I hear they require some EQ'ing to sound really good.  Any tips on the settings to use?  My Sony X has the following EQ setup:


5-band:  0.4, 1.0, 2.5, 6.3, 16 kHz


each band: -3, -2 -1, 0, 1, 2, 3


clear bass:  0, 1, 2, 3


I guess the bass will be simple enough to tweak myself.  What about the mids and highs?  Any suggestions?

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hey i noticed you have the xb500 and the denon 1100, which apparently are two of the top headphones for rap music unamped. Which one would be better fitted to use with rap music unamped from an ipod touch 3rd gen?
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hey i saw you have the monster turbine gold, would you recomend those earphones for rap music from an ipod touch unamped?
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For XB500 vs D1100 review check my signature. XB500 in my opinion is a better rap headphone, it's got such a frequency response curve and sound signature I had associated with rap, ie big bass with both punch (mid/upper bass) and boom (deep rumbling bass), suprisingly forward/up-front mids/vocals (a must for this genre) and a bit smoother highs and it also sounds better ampless than D1100 does, D1100 improves quite a lot by amping while amping XB500 doesn't improve sound quality barely anything (depends on amp obviously). D1100 has quite annoyingly in my ears laid-back/distant/recessed mids/vocals and the bass is very unbalanced, very strong mid/upper bass but the deep bass is quite a lot weaker in comparision.


For rap and for unamped use, XB500 sounds like a perfect candidate IMO. It does benefit a lot by a bit EQing though, that I can't deny, the excessive upper bass and slightly too much veiled highs doesn't provide the best possible clarity. If you take care of that it can sound suprisingly good with any genre for this price. No other headphone have improved this much for me by EQing but I doubt the EQ of iPod would reveal that really (I'd personally never get an Apple product cuz of the lack of custom EQ).

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