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There is a local cable maker who has a lot of money and a lot of time on his hands. He is selling these cables here in Korea for a good premium and I tried one. Well, the Nordhost silver cables aren't sheathed, so the fine rubber shield around each strand wasn't enough to ward off the complete tinsel sound in the ear, but it is a clever idea. The cables are also ribbon shaped, so getting them to bend is scary. 


I suggested separating each strand and then twisting them and covering the whole thing in shrink wrap for safety. Of course, doing so means that the pretty silver hides, but oh well.


The sound? I haven't used a UM2 in years (sold mine in 2006), but I was reminded of why I loved the UM2 - so warm, so moving. My favourites, the CK10, are above and beyond Westone's UM2 for usability, but, the UM2 is more engaging everywhere except the high end. I used it with my new green iPod shuffle 5G and an iPhone 3GS (someone else's). The UM2 was that person's personal item.


So can I comment on a semi ridiculous Nordhost silver cable for the new removable system other than by saying it needs some practical tweaks? No.


If I see it again next week, I'll add some pictures. Cute idea for rich audiophiles, but certainly not yet practical. By the way, I am NOT a cable guy, so mentioning the UM2 and a Nordhost is just a cute idea to me. I'm sure that when its kinks are worked out, it will be great for some Head fiers.