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Looking for headphones w/ detachable cord

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Question: I'm looking for some good headphones that aren't a $5 piece of !@#$%. I am looking for 3 features: a detachable cord, around $100, and of course decent audio. I'm looking for the cord feature similar to the one on "Beats by Dr. Drey" which cost a few hundred dollars. You can see it here, how the cord actually plugs into the headphones.

I really want this feature, so if the cord breaks, I can easily replace it. That way I wouldn't be left with a $100 paper-weight. So, I am looking for the detachable cord feature, just on something a little less expensive. Any suggestions?

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Is this fir portable use or mostly stay at home kind of use?

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Originally Posted by Nanashi View Post

Is this fir portable use or mostly stay at home kind of use?


Stay at home.  Im just trying to find a pair with a detachable cord... and I can't find any priced in my budget.

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M-Audio Studiophile Q40 - it has a 3.5mm screw on plug at each end of the cord, making replacement very simple. You can find them used or on sale for under $100.


You could also do a search for "detachable" here... http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/433318/shootout-49-portable-headphones-compared-earsquake-pixi-and-philips-shl1600-added-10-01

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AKG K240 Studio's? They need an amp, but if they're anything like the K271's they should sound pretty damn good without one.

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K240 Studio does have the detachable cable and I like the sound from them. As long as you have an Ipod Classic, Ipod Touch or a bigger portable, they should be ok, but the volume level won't be extremely loud.

I listened to them straight from my Ipod Touch last night without my normal amp and they still sounded very good and still had bass!


For a very tiny mp3 player I don't think they'd be a good match.


The SRH-840's cable is detachable. I wonder if the 440's cable is also? It might be worth checking into.

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SRH 840...around your budget. You could get them for $150.

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pretty sure all shure models 440 and above (750DJ, 840) have a detachable cable.  440 is around your price range, though you can find some great deals on the other two for just a bit more.

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What about the one dfkt has?



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Yea...If it's staying at home headphones the SRH-840s will  do you good. Cable is detachable and the headphones are actually pretty good and even better with an amp.

If you're interested I have a like new pair in the for sale forum. Sorry if I sound like a salesman just thought I'd point that out. Also, what kind of music will you be listening to mostly?

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Well mainly rock with a side of techno with intense bass-lines, if the type of music matters.  And thanks for all the suggestions so far.

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I've read that the ATH m50 handles bass pretty well and is a more "fun" kind of headphone, makes them feel more alive I guess. (Someone please chime in or correct me if I'm wrong) Now that I think about it, I don't remember them having a detachable cord, sorry.


The SRH840s are what some people call balanced which doesn't mean that they're bad for bass or anything like that, rather they feel more analytical I guess. This does not mean they are bad headphones by any means, quite the contrary, they play most of type of music well. Like I said they're great but best with an amp to really make them shine. They feel like they have a lot of potential just waiting to be let out. 


Hopefully someone else will offer a better opinion as well.


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m50s are AMAZING and can handle tons of power.  Sound great w/o power too.


How about some Ultrasones?

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Anyone know of any on-ear or around ear bass heavy headphones for £100-£200 that I can use unamped with an iPhone for mainly portable use and that will take the Beats Solo Controltalk cable (for phone/mic functionality)?


I was looking at Pioneer HDJ-500 and Ultrasone DJ1 Pro's but these appear to take threaded cables only; will the Beats Controltalk cable still fit?


Any other headphone suggestions are welcome.

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look at equation audio rp-21.  i purchased them through the manufacturer for around 60 dollars.  they come with a long detachable cord, 50mm drivers.  pretty comfy. used to be a forum favorite, just like how everyone recommends the m50s without reading that you want phones with a detachable cable.

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