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For Sale: FS: Shure se530

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For Sale:
FS: Shure se530

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling my shure se530's.  I've had these since December of '08 and they were recently replaced under warranty in early February of this year.  I am selling these because 1) I've sort of grown tired of the sound signature and 2) I just jumped on the Panasonic HJE900 bandwagon.  The IEM's are used but in good shape both sonically and cosmetically.  Both the cables and the strain relief's where the cable enters the iem are in good shape.  The only flaw is a slight chipping of the paint on the upper seam of the left earphone.  Unfortunatly, I no longer have the original packaging and I've lost the aluminium box these came in but I have all the other accessories.  As far as tips go, I only have one large pair of olives and sets of the grey and clear silicone tips.  I do not have any large or small olives, yellow foamies, or triple flanges to include in this sale.  Technically, these are under warranty until December but I don't know if Shure allows for transfer of warranty (I suspect they do not).  I currently am only willing to ship to CONUS and am asking for sold shipped via usps with a tracking number.  As far as feedback goes, I've only bought on thing here on head-fi (a pair of ath-ad700's) and have not sold anything as of yet.  I might be willing to consider a trade if something interesting comes up. 

Thanks for looking.  

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I've got a sale pending and a few offers that came in after that so for the moment these are pretty well spoken for.  Thanks. 

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Darn it!  I was too slow (again!)

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Good deals always gone fast! smily_headphones1.gif

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Thanks for everyone who pm'd me, it made for a pretty enjoyable first sale.  It also got me thinking that I should've asked for more money, especially considering how fast these went. 

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