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Hey, sorry for the late reply.but anyways, it's been a long time since I've used these headphones, and now I think that these headphones are just average, WITHOUT AN AMP. The clarity is pretty nice on them, the highs sound crisp and never get screechy and painful at loud volumes, the mids are a tiny bit recessed but sound very mild, calm, and really clear and even. the lows (bass) is deep, but not loud (without an amp). But when you amp these, depending on what amp you use, is the sound that you'll get out of them. If you get an amp that does nothing but amplify the bass, then these headphones will start competing in the 100-200 dollar headphone range, but when they are un-amped, they will stay in the 50-100 dollar headphone range. What I mean by this is that if you amplify these headphones, they can be very good, they even beat the 200 dollar V-moda M-80 headphones, the v-moda m80's sounded like absoulute **** compared to these (when amped). The v-modas can't handle an amp, because the drivers on them are super sensitive, they'll just destort. The kickers, will handle as much power that you put on them, and sound great at rediculously high volumes. Back then the m80's costed 200 dollars, I hear they dropped in price since then. But still, even when both are un amped, the m80's will sound a tad bit clearer, but will have a terrible, tiny soundstage, when the hp541's, will have a relativley ampient sound stage, and still sound very clear. So overall, I think these are the best headphones that you can buy for 50-100 dollars. 
I must disagree they are no where near the best for 50-100 you can buy the ath-m50s for 100 on sale which are far far better