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My SM3's was also falling apart one channel in the morning the other later in the evening , the whole thing was sitting quiet on the table .

Try to get an RMA number for sendig back still on warranty...

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I know that Mr. Lopez is aware of the concerns of many on this forum about the build quality of the SM2 and 3. I also spoke with him on the phone suggesting something be done about the case. They do have a chance to make history among professional monitors, but they've not taken it yet. Following Westone's lead with very cheap, very thin plastic housing for a 400$ iem is selfish. I hope that this problems can be fixed at the manufacturing portion. Redesign is needed.

Yeah except Westones are Quality

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regarding glueing your phones back together, be weary of the super glue getting into vital hardware (less of a issue for BA's due to the enclosed driver design) but for dynamic phones with drivers that become open and exposed when the shell splits (hifiman re0/re2 are good examples of this) last time I tried this on my re2, capilary action drew the glue onto the driver and stopped the mylar film from flexing thus stopping the sound completely

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Sorry to re-ignite an old post but has anyone had any problems with earsonics losing earphones returned for repair?


Although the SM3's sound great I've had no end of problems....I bought a second hand pair on head-fi and decided to get some custom molds direct from earsonics.....turnaround was really fast but unfortunately the left one didn't fit, they agreed to look at them and the next one returned was much better....not as good as the right but definitely better so I thought I'd stick with them...the mold on the left was also a lot looser fit on the actual earphone than the right


then within a few weeks the plastic housing has broken - I thought I'd also return the molds for them to look at as well, but now - even though the tracking says 'delivered' earsonics are stating they have not received them.....looks like I'm stuffed.


I guess I'm just sounding off really

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