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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post

Your first wrong step was telling a women what to do haha


yikes O.o hehe

Most are completely happy with it, and it's not like I get chewed out.

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Can anybody name these headphones?

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Originally Posted by flaming_june View Post

All men are perverts?  So only 75% of the females are perverts?



Ah, Veronica Belmont. :>


I wish I actually had something to contribute, but this pretty much counts for two.

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Is that Real Deal Dickinson?


Sennheiser on his head for sure, looks like the HD450/480 model.

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Katy B, she knows her headphones.



also, a shameless magnetic man plug, the cd is insane go demo it if you get a chance, every track is incredible.  



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Alright, here's the vid I was looking for when I found that pic of Bruce.


Can anybody tell me what phones Steve is wearing in this vid? Looks like Bruce and Nicko are wearing the same ones, but not sure what they are. I barely saw Janick and Dave's in here so I have no clue there.

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Looks like a Beyer DT150.

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Katy B once again wearing good cans ;)





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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post

Originally Posted by komebudu View Post

Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post

dunno if this was posted or if it was worth it lol, but hello kitty headphones still count as headphones hehe



Wow...  such  big cups headphonesss.........sssssss!!

I know, right? Lol! Those are some mighty fine hellokitty cups, indeed...

I think these cups are fake fellas.


Just a guess

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Rock Boat.jpg


From The Boat That Rocked

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saw this at fred meyers today on a birthday card, had to make an account to share :).


I assume most here know what these are, I've happily owned them a week after wanting them for a year.


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'Cuz she is moar hott?

Originally Posted by pocketrocket View Post


Originally Posted by TheOtus View Post


I agree. Seriously, is there anything more annoying than these pathetic attention-whoring teens posing?

Why the outburst? I don't see why pretty girls couldn't take pics of themselves, and I'm a bit annoyed because I almost thought that you directed that at me. But since I'm not attention-whoring in head-fi (eek I posted one picture shoot me (even if I did I'm a guy (NOW I'm attention whoring))) I won't take offence (although you're entitled to have an opinion your post was both immature and unreasonably aggressive). I think she's pretty, that's all.EDIT: I know I'm being a bit of an asswipe now too, but I hope your nickname isn't linked to your IRL name or e-mail address too because I found a question where you're asking why is your semen so yellow when it dries up.. And it's a bit weird that you have a picture of a geisha in your PhotoBucket although she's clearly a model and a professional attention-whore. Or the pics of girl anime/game characters if you wouldn't enjoy looking at women..Wait, you've uploaded a few pretty pictures into this very thread, so why isn't this particular lady in your opinion allowed to show up in a picture? Because she has a rack/lots of make-up? I just don't see your reasoning.
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Enjoying some high end equipment :)

(Fellow head-fi'er's rig)



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