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For Sale: FS: Headamp Gilmore lite

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For Sale:
FS: Headamp Gilmore lite

Will Ship To: US,Local Pickup


The Gilmore Lite amplifier is in excellent shape except for two minor nicks on the volume knob that you can see in the picture below that doesn't affect performance in any way. Its possible that they can be brushed off, but I'm not very handy with such things. Comes with standard Elpac walwart power supply adapter and is packaged in the same box that I originally got it in.


The amp has always been kept in a case inside a locked cabinet and used only by me. Its in like new condition other than the small nicks mentioned earlier. Never overdriven, have never pushed the amp above 60-70% and even that is very rare, most of the time I stay below 50% since I have always used it only in my office.


The amp has been wonderful, and I've had a nice journey on headfi with it. I am going to look for something balanced to go with my dacmagic. The gilmore drives and sounds great with any headphone and is surprisngly close to GS-1 in terms of performance. Look for my post on differences between Glite and GS-1 to know what you might be missing. But for less than half the price, you get almost all the goodness.


Price is 325$ SHIPPED. I will deal with Paypal fees. Paypal ONLY. I prefer to keep this within USA. International buyers PM me and we can see if we can work out additional shipping costs.


Local pick up in San Jose, Bay area welcome, we can work out a deal for that if you are interested. No free demo's please, if you want to buy it, bring cash.

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I'll definitely take this off your hands. I've reached my daily allotment of PM's evidently. Would you mind emailing me at, please? 

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lot of interest, but nothing's getting finalized, so still available, bump!

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Going to be bought by me~

Please reply my pm so we can arrange a location and time~

Looking forward to it~

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