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For Sale or Trade:
Realistic Pro 30 (Orthodynamics)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Got these from Sambones.  Contacted him to about a pair he has up for sale, but told him that I wanted to get a pair that were as close to stock as possible.  He had just bought a set off ebay for the nameplates.  He used his stock parts to bring these up to as close to stock as possible.  He also sent me some felt padding to add to them if I wanted to improve on the sound.


I thought they were pretty interesting sounding stock, a bit flat, but responded well to a "smile" EQ curve.  Lacking the bass impact that I like though, so I added the felt.  The felt really makes them sound a lot better, but they still didn't have enough bass impact for me to keep fooling around with them.  Especially with my DT990's sitting on my desk.


Pics are here,


I'm looking to get back what I have in them, and pass them along to someone else who wants to check out an Orthodynamic for cheap.  Price includes CONUS shipping.  If someone OCONUS wants them, PM me and we can work out the shipping details.


Also interested in the following trades since they are on my list to try,  DT770, HD25-1 II, K701, K702, K601, K271, K272, Custom 3, Turbine, obviously they would all require added cash on my part.  If you have one of these that you would be interested in trading, PM me and we can work out the details.

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