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sennheiser hd535 or hd570?

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I'm a newbie who's looking to buy a new pair of phones and I have certain needs/requirments which they should meet. I mostly listen to rap/r&b mp3s out of my computer's soundcard using winamp as my mp3 player. The phones should have good bass and play rap well. I currently own a pair of Sony MDR-CD580 cans, and I really want to get a pair of Senns. Which ones should I buy? I'm leaning twoard the 535 because of the lower price, but I'm not sure if they'll meet my needs. I'm also not sure if I'll really be able to notice slight differences in sound quality like the other members of this board do. I've focused on Senns because comfort is paramount (my Sony's are nice) and style is important as well. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with my requirements. Any help would be appreciated.
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Uh, might not wanna try Senn's for that mega bass for rap and r&b...

I would suggest you get a set of Grado's, and if you want to mod them for style or comfort, try some of these mods:


Otherwise, you will probably have to get something closed to get that mega bass, like, say, a set of Sony MDR-V6's or Beyerdynamic DT250-80's.
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...Or, aren't lower end Beyers quite weighty at the bottom end??
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hd 535 arent that stylish

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almost 9 years! that's got to be a record.

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