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Wanted: Gamma 2, Parasound, or Comparable Dac

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Gamma 2, Parasound, or Comparable Dac

Willing to Offer: around 300

So it seems my uDac is holding my system back a little so I'm looking to upgrade to a Gamma 2 (preferably MisterX built), Parasound, or similar dac in good to excellent condition. Please pm me if you have one you're willing to part with.


Thanks for looking!

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Very good little DAC with a pair of PCM1702 DAC chips, the famed PMD100 digital filter (which does HDCD) and the CS8412 Receiver chip.  I have one and like it very much.  There are a pair of socketed single channel opamps for I/V and another pair for buffer so you can roll opamps to further refine the sound.

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