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Sennheiser PX 210 BT?

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So i've got my gym rig and I've got my home rig, and now I'm starting to think I'd like a pair of cans for trips and working out of coffee shops, etc. After a recent airplane trip, I've realized dealing with cables is a huge pain in the arse and I don't like taking and replacing IEMs, so I saw these guys.


I know bluetooth get's no love, but can anyone comment on their sound quality? Can you detect the compression? Has BT gotten better in the last few years about that sort of stuff?

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I use Bluetooth in the car for streaming audio from my iphone.  I was actually surprised that it doesnt sound too bad, I use it to listen to the state of trance, but primarily for technology podcasts such as engadget.  It doesnt compare to CD's but for the convenience of listening to podcasts it is great. BT hasn't gotten any better as it still uses the same streaming format.  BT 3.0 is also a disappointment because it really isn't any faster than the current 1 Megabit it will just convert to wifi. If they develop a new streaming technology that is like the Airport Express over WIFI that would be great. 






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I've got that headphone and i think they sound great, even without the bluetooth dongle. 

This might help :

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