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Wanted: THIN Iphone 4 LOD

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THIN Iphone 4 LOD

Willing to Offer: $30-120

Hi Im looking for a thin iphone 4 LOD that works with my iphone 4 case. I have looked up some LOD's and have found ones that are similar but not quite what i want. 

For example(5th picture); 

The problem with that one is that it has a right angle cabling from the 30 pin out and also with the mini itself.


Im looking for a straight one which has the cable out of the 30 pin in the middle

For example;

To be specific the 3rd from left-2nd row - [also in the picture above](4th one)

But im not sure i would want to get the RSA lod's because the cables look ugly and are too pricey for regular military cable and neutrik switch.


Not to mention that i dont even know if it would fit because even a sendstation pocket dock did not fit the case.


Sendstation pocket dock im referring to(also in picture above-last one);

If u look at the pictures above i took three 30 pin pictures (new ipod charger, old ipod charger, sendstation dock)

Only the new ipod charger works, the old one is far too thick and sendstations dock is just not going to work. So please make sure to compare to the new ipod charger. thx


So.. im fine with any type of cable at the moment since im pretty desperate as i have to use my old ipod with my old LOD if i go out.

Im also fine with a dock extender (thats how desperate i am)


If you guys r wondering what the case looks like(besides from the picture above);


As u can see the docking part has a deep aluminum cave before it actually reaches the 30pin in so that is why i need very thin lod 30 pin connector


If u guys have any other suggestions i would really reallllyyy appreciate it

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Talk to Craig at whiplashaudio -maker of your first suggestion.

He can make you a custom straight version of the right angled lod you found
Much like RSA's (but nicer)
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Hi Lin, thanks for the great suggestion, but i have arranged a custom made one with precise measurements. Mods can lock/delete this thread now, thanks

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