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For Sale: FS: Grado RS2 (non-i version) $330

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For Sale:
FS: Grado RS2 (non-i version) $330

Will Ship To: USA only



Up for sale are my Grado RS2 headphones (#5234).  They are the buttonless non-"i" version (previous generation).  I am the original owner and purchased them new directly from Music Direct, an authorized Grado dealer, in August 2008.

The headphones are in practically like new condition (see links to pics below).  The silver "L" and "R" letters on the headband are 100% intact.  There are absolutely no dings on the wooden cups.  The lacquer finish of the cups are as good as you can find in a Grado woody.  I am anal and actually bought two RS2's (from different vendors) and kept the better finished one knowing that Grado's build quality can be hit-or-miss at times.   There is one minor cosmetic "defect" worth mentioning...the crimping on the outer wire tubing near the Y-splitter is noticably sloppy (see pic below).  This "defect" is common to alot of Grados but does not effect the function or integrity of the wiring.  The signal conducting wires are actually inside the outer wire tubing.

I've owned and/or listened to nearly every Grado model in the past (see my profile).  I prefer the sound of the RS2 over the HF-2 as well as the SR225, all of which I've personally owned.  Here is a detailed comparative review I wrote...

From what I've read, there appears to be debate whether the newer "i" versions of wooden Grados sound better than the older ones.  Nonetheless, I much prefer the thinner older-style cable on RS2 that I'm selling here.  The newer RS2i has a thicker cable which I find heavy and much less flexible (as experienced with the HF-2 that I used to own).   


My RS2 was part of my seldom used computer system.  They actually have less than 100 hours of actual on-the-head time.  I am selling them because I decided to just use my MS-Pros for both my main rig and my computer system.  Honestly, I don't get around to listening to music that much anymore and now feel that it is unnesessary to have two expensive cans around.


The Grado RS2 sells for $495 new.  I am asking $SOLD. Sorry, but U.S.A. buyers only!  PM's asking me to ship outside the USA (including Canada) will be ignored and promptly deleted. Also, please indicate either in your profile (or PM) your location (i.e. state you live in). It will be sent fully insured via USPS Priority Mail. I only accept PayPal (no additional fees, to confirmed addresses only!). Furthermore, I'm NOT interested in trades of any kind.

I've sold many items here on Head-Fi over the years and have accumulated 3 pages of positive feedback (see link in sig).

Please feel free to PM me with any questions.  Thanks for looking!




Right cup...

Left cup...

Sloppy crimping...

Sales receipt...

Outer box with my user name...

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bump, still available

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still available

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still available; price drop

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still available; now $330.

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