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For Sale: SOLD: Woo Audio WA4 Upgraded Amp

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For Sale:
SOLD: Woo Audio WA4 Upgraded Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is my beloved WA4 headphone amp.  This is an amp that has gotten very little attention on the forums here, but is one of the best I've ever heard.  This is the amp previously owned by LeChuck.  This amp has had over $500 of upgrades from the original design, done by Jack Wu.  Per LeChuck this includes:


"a ton of Blackgates, V-Caps, and a total reworking of the circuit topology to make it a headphone-only design (and thus, fully optimized for that purpose)"


I've read that Jack Wu has said that this amp (the unmodified version) falls somewhere between the WA6SE and WA5.  I've heard both the WA6SE and WA5 on seperate occasions and I can attest to the fact that it is definitely better than the WA6SE. 


This is a very fast and dynamic amp.  Jack Wu said of it:


"In brief, the newer version offer the fastest speed among all other models we build. This version has better dynamic, separation, and bigger soundstage than the previous builds." -Jack Wu


The amp is in fully working condition.  This version of the amp has ECC88x2, ECC82x2, and 6C19x2 tubes.   I recently upgraded the ECC88s to Mullards; they have less than 20-30hrs on them.  The ECC82 tubes are RFTs.  The 6C19s are Sovteks.  I also have an assortment of other tubes I can throw in but I can't attest to their quality (some of them seem to have crackles).


Here's some photos of the amp.  They're from the previous seller but the amp is in exactly the same condition except for different tubes.  This is a serious beast of an amp.  It weighs around $35 lbs or so.  The amp has both a high and low impedance switch and works great with all headphones.  I've personally used it with both 300ohm Sennheisers and 45ohm Audio Technicas and it drove each of them extremely well.  Also of note is that it has 4 RCA inputs.


All told with the upgrades and tubes this amp has over $2000 of value.  I've heard amps costing much more than this that are trounced by this amp.  I've never heard an amp for less that beats it.  At the price I'm looking for it's a steal value-wise.






Stock WA4 internal



Upgraded WA4 internal



Price is PM for price


I have an entire thread of good feedback in the feedback forum.

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Are there any hum or noise issues at all with the amp? How old is it?  Does it have the DACT upgrade?

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I have no idea how old it is or how many total hours it has on it.  I got it around a year and a half ago.  When I first got it it had a very slight noise issue.  I thought I tried switching out all the tubes and it still had the problem so I though there was something wrong with it.  Because of this combined with the fact I'd been so busy at work the last year, I rarely used it since getting it.  Recently I had more time to work up the problem further. I got completely new tubes for the ECC88 and 6C19 and the problem completely resolved; it was just bad tubes.  It is now dead quiet and sound fantastic with the new Mullard tubes.


No DACT upgrade as I know of. 

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if you havent sold it, and are willing to wait until the first or second of next month, i'll buy it then for 1400 w/ shipping.

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please contact me , I want to buy it.

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Bump for price drop

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weekend bump

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Still available

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Bump for last and final price drop.  It's a steal at this price.  If it doesn't sell I'd rather keep it.  It isn't worth it to sell if for any less.

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weekend bump

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You still got it?

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