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For Sale: Millet MiniMAX Hybrid - Custom Build

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For Sale:
Millet MiniMAX Hybrid - Custom Build

Will Ship To: Continental United States

I'm downsizing a bit and am selling my Millet MiniMAX hybrid tube amplifier. This amp was built for me last year by rhester with input from Millet authority, DIYer extraordinaire, and all-around super guy tomb. It's loaded with boutique and unique parts in all the right places to make it special. Here's what tomb and rhester came up with:


Generally speaking, the parts list follows the Mouser column. Now, the differences with yours are as follows:

* CA4-L/R and CA5-L/R ... Panasonic FM 1800uf 35V
* CR1A, CR1B ... Panasonic FM 10000uf 50V (The Panasonics are pretty much the best power caps around - better than the Nichicon UPW's at Mouser.)
* CA7 - L/R ... Black Gate NX 680uf 35V (These are your output couplers, bypassed by Vitamin Q's at CA8-L/R.)
* Finally, the output transistors are Toshiba 2SC3422/2SA1359, items Q8,Q9 "b" on the BOM. These output transistors are my favorites and are known for rocking slam and detail.


This build uses the standard BOM found here: http://beezar.com/oscommerce2/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=125&osCsid=6fe2c3d9780b0d840953622432a32250 with the above modifications and the Black Gates output couplers option. It is better in every way than the Whiplash Audio MiniMAX that sells for $429. The amplifier sounds AWESOME and pairs particularly well with Grados. Pics are attached. It will ship with 2 pair of tubes, 12FK6 and 12FM6. The 12FK6 are currently installed and the amp is biased for them. Also included are the RoHS compliant 24v walwart power supply and a multimeter so you can re-bias the amp anytime you'd like.


Price includes ground shipping to the CONUS. Please PM me here with your interest and/or questions.


I'm a long-time Head-Fi member, and you can check out my extensive history and 100% positive feedback here:


Head-Fi: www.head-fi.org/forums/f12/dpippel-73914
eBay: feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll
AudiogoN: cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/myfeed.pl

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This is now officially for sale.

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Still available. For $130 less than a brand-new Whiplash Audio MiniMAX you're getting a much higher performance and more refined honey of an amp, with two pair of tubes and a multimeter thrown in. This is about as cherry as a Millet MiniMAX gets.

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Still available. Make me an offer. Lowballers will be cheerfully ignored.

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Price drop.

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Final price drop before it goes to eBay. This amp is a steal at the price I'm asking,

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