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For Sale: Apogee Duet (EU)

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For Sale:
Apogee Duet (EU)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale, another victim of my electronics-clean-out, the Apogee Duet.

It is basically in good condition, only drawback is that the multipurpose knob on top does not work. Has not been a problem for me, it covers functions that you'd normally do in the Mac OS anyway like volume. It also currently has a purple dot on the led, I tried to make it less bright. I should be able to clean it but have not come to it yet.
Perfect as a source or for recording stuff, you just have to use your keyboard/mouse for control. Normally you'd want to control volume by an analogue amp anyway since the digital control loses dynamics.

I've tried it with several Grado's, JVC DX1000, HD650 and it sounds good with the built in headphone amp.

Travel pouch, break-out cable and FireWire cables (normal 400->400 and a Belkin FireWire (800->400) cable are included.

€125 + costs

Bank Transfer preferred, but Paypal is possible too.



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From my understanding, I thought that the knob controlled the preamp for the duet and not just the computer volume. Does the software also control the preamp volume? 

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The volume shows up just like the keyboard buttons, so I'd be surprised if it physically changes the Duet. It behaves (and sounds) just like holding alt-shift while doing the volume (small steps that is). 

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