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i would like to find some full size headphones that sound similar to the Brainwavz M2's/Visang R03's. for comparison sake i do have a pair of Sennheiser HD205II's and they sound nothing like the Brainwavz and honestly i cant stand the HD205II's. i'm not sure how to describe the sound of the 205's other than them being nowhere near as fun to listen to. they have no bass impact, or mid range warmth. the M2's sound like what i hear from my home stereo and car stereo. they just sound way more natural.


from looking at frequency response graphs on i'm not sure i'd be able to find any full size cans with a similar sound. i've compared the Klipsch S4's to the Senny 205's and they are nothing alike. the reason i mention the Klipsch is because i had them, so i know what i hearr and how to relate that to the frequency graph on i've been unable to find a graph for the M2's, but i'd compare the S4's to the M2's at least in the bass region and overall tone.


any ideas guys, or do i just sound like a wierdo for preferring IEM's to cans?

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