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$41 shipped from TTVJ - the only reputable place to buy them versus the fake ones on ebay.  You may get lucky getting a nicely used pair in the FS forums.  It will change the sound - big time versus the salad bowls and regular bowls.

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The RA-1 is a horrible amplifier, grossly overpriced and incompetent. It is pretty much a budget amplifier design inside a fancy wooden enclosure. A cmoy does not let you hear a difference between those two headphones, I believe you if you say you can't hear much difference when you're listening through something like that.

IMHO - The description I can agree with is "grossly overpriced", but I don't find it horrible or incompetent by any means.  I think most hi-fi/head-fi equipment is grossly overpriced to begin with when you factor in the costs of materials, overseas labor, and the extreme markups just to stay in business.

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