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Need some suggestions

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I currently own three sets of headphones, now I'm looking for a third.  The ones I have I would say are low end(well, low end for a site like this).  They're all three Sennheisers, PX100's I got for my Ipod Touch, in ears that are actually my wife's, and HD485's.  I don't mind the size of the HD485's, but they don't fold up and I want something a little nicer.  I'm getting these for a trip this week(and I travel frequently) so I want something that's at least a little portable and a closed back is the preference.  I don't mind being the guy with full size headphones on, lol.  I just want what sounds the best and considering how often I see people at the airport in pajama's, who cares, lol.  So here's what I'm considering so far.


Beyerdynamic DT880 32 ohm....I figure these are probably a bit "much" for my Ipod, even at 32 ohm.  Or even the DT 770's?

Shure 440/840....not sure how much of a difference I'll notice between these two.

Phiaton PS 320....I like the size, since they are more compact, intrigued by the two drivers, but I know when it comes to surround, one driver running simulated surround is better than multiple ones.

Denon AHD1001....they seem very well reviewed at headroom.

A-T M50's....seem to be highly regarded wherever you go.

Ultrasone HFi-580.....I read one good review, but these don't seem to be as popular on these boards.


I'm not a high end audio type of person.  I have pretty good home speakers(Onix Rockets) and I can definitely tell the difference between good and crap.  Given my past headphones, I really just want something that sounds quit a bit better.  I'm looking for all around sound.  I listen to a very broad range of music, anything from Radiohead to Ben Folds to Kanye West.  Listened to some Beats at Best Buy and they were a bit too bassy for me.  I like a good mellow, clean sound(not too harsh of highs, always disliked that).  I know it's hard to describe preferences and it's not really "black or white", but I can't listen to them over the internet and more than likely I'm going to order them from Amazon(I have Prime so I can get them shipped next day and get them before my trip).  Advice?  Suggestions?

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If your head is of average size, go SRH840. I found them very involving and non-fatiguing, but by head is way too big for this phone to sit correctly.

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