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The Beta22/Sigma22 amp has arrived Review added!

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Hello fellow Head-Fi'ers,

After a few years of having quite a few amps and always wondering if there was more out there, I finally broke down and picked up the fabled Beta22/Sigma amp to go along with my HD800. I purchased it off another Head-fi'er Mr_Senis (Ricky)and received it Friday. It was built by another Head-Fi'er (Diego Gutierrez) which he had been using for about two years. So it's fully burned in. I plan on a full review comparing the B22 with the Gilmore Lite after I've had some time with the new amp. What I will say is the B22 is on another plane of existence above my beloved GLite. In every way imaginable. Almost every amp I've had before this was an incremental step up from the amp I had previously. This Beta22 amp is more of a leap forward than a step.

I'll report more next week, but needless to say, the paring with this amp and the HD800 seem to be made for each other. Pretty amazing. Let's see if the newness wear off in time or will the love affair continue?


The review is posted here:


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Congrats on the pick up mate! Glad to see you're enjoying it. Looking forward to the review!

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Despite not being able to live with the Senn 800 personally it was the can that made the difference between the b22 and the Concerto night and day.  The level of control and speed of the b22 is impressive

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Looking forward to your impressions.


Is it a 4 board build or what build is it?

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Any pictars?

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Enjoy! And please, for Gods sake post many, many pics.
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Great to see you finally got your hands on the B22! Coming from the GLite, it's indeed a huge improvement.


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It's a three board. I'll try to upload a pic as a tease. smily_headphones1.gif It has to load from my phone so please be patient. LoL

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Absolutely not! There is zero tolerance for patience. wink.gif
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Head-fi and patience don't go too well together, at least from my experience

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well where is it?!!! its been almost 20 minutes!!

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Sorry a link will have to do. She's a beast!

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Quote:Originally Posted by qusp 

"well where is it?!!! its been almost 20 minutes!!"

Sorry. smily_headphones1.gif My phone camera does not take good pics in poor lighting. That was the best I could take after 10 shots, overhead lighting, and an LED flashlight shining across it to the side. Lmao! Tomorrow I'll move it into better light for decent shots.

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The 22 is one of the best SS amps I've heard with Senns. and a rare treat of synergy.


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