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First post, need a good recommendation on full size 'phones for ~$150

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I've been creeping in these forums for a while and decided to finally join. Here's my situation:


I'm getting a new HP Envy laptop with a free set of Beats Solo headphones. I'm considering selling those while they're still wrapped up in the box to get money for a better pair. I've tried them out before and they're decent cans, just not for anything near ~$180. I don't listen to any rap at all, so that also kills them for me. I mainly listen to acoustic/rock music, some classical, some jazz, and metal from time to time. I also record music every now and then.


I'm looking for a decent pair of full size cans, preferably closed, over ear. I'm think I can get about $160 out of the solos if I sell them so $150 is my limit. Here's what I need-


Closed for good isolation.

I'm not a huge fan of cancellation, I can always hear a hum that drives me nuts.

Something that's somewhat portable as I may be walking to class with these/taking them on the road.

Good for rock/acoustic/classical/jazz/some light recording.

I mainly listen through my iPod touch 4g, I will listen through my HP Envy with Beats audio (haven't heard it yet, bought the laptop for performance, not branding)

Comfy for long listening, preferably over-ear, but I'm open to on-ear.

$150 limit.


I own ATH-M30s and HD202s that I've really been satisfied with. I just bout a pair of S4s so I'm not looking for another pair of ie phones.


Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks for any help!

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Sony V6 would meet your requirements, they're easily driven, foldable for portability, they're monitor headphones so they'd be fine for recording with. I don't think the Sony V6 lend themselves to a specific genre, they seem to be pretty good all-rounders. I find them to be comfortable to wear, I wear them for hours at a time with no problems, though some disagree and decide to mod them with DT250 pads to increase the comfort. My only complaint with them is that the highs become harsh at times and there is no sound stage to speak of (though this is common in closed cans).


The AT M50 seem to be a very popular choice in this price range as well, they're apparently good all-rounders too but I haven't heard them so that's all I can say.

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Hey thanks for the reply! I've actually tried the MDR V6's and I was fairly impressed, great reccomendation. After a little more research, I think I'm going to get the ATH M50s. I haven't heard them so it'll be a bit of a leap of faith for $100. I've always been pretty impressed with my ATH M30s so I'm confident. I'm planning on giving the M30s away soon, so that's the reason for the possible upgrade.


The only thing that may pull me from the M50s would be a more portable pair.

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If you're still unsure, try reading this:



It talks about the M50 as well as quite a few other closed cans in the same price range, you might see something you like the sound of more than the M50 or it might further reinforce your decision to get the M50. Either way, you've got nothing to lose by reading it.

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I have the M30 also and I like them a lot and prefer them to the MDR-V6. Vocals on the MDR-V6 seem to be missing something. MDR-V6 just annoys me.


Just an FYI though that the M30 sounds nothing like the M50. The M30 is much more neutral and has VERY slightly more forward mids then the M50. M50 is still a good headphone though and is a better headphone for most things. For classical though, the M30 or other options might be better. M50 seems to be not all that good for classical, but all the other genres you've listed should be OK.


M50 is good for comfort, but SRH-840 sounds slightly better, but the comfort is terrible, so they're worth skipping. Perhaps the M-Audio Q40 is worth checking into. I really want to try them! They are only $140.

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Thanks you guys! EternalEmpire, that was an extremely helpful link. M50s are looking mighty sexy right now. Those Q40s are also somewhat appealing.

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