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Pacific Valve no longer lists the NFB-11.

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yes it does:




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Originally Posted by AVU View Post

yes it does:




"Usually ships in 2-3 business days"?

Looks like an old  listing.


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Originally Posted by MarjorieO View Post

I wonder why its sibilant on mine(HE-5LE). Synergy issues perhaps?

The HE-5LEs have a huge treble peak in the range where sibilance in the music is emphasised. I would guess an NFB-12 might be a better match, as that seems to use the biggest roll-off filter in the DAC section. When I owned the HE-5s, they were annoyingly bright, even with my system.
Originally Posted by dinkoy View Post

Currawong, what gain on the NFB11 do you use on the orthos?

I don't remember, as it's not in my headphone rig at the moment, but I try and use high gain wherever possible, as low gain adds another resistor to the path.
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Originally Posted by lyramax View Post

"Usually ships in 2-3 business days"?

Looks like an old  listing.


Sorry, here:




but they don't have stock, and haven't for a million years.  I order mine some two months ago now, and it's supposedly arriving this week... supposedly...

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And..it's disappeared off the Audio-GD "price list."  Soon to be discontinued perhaps?



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I gave up after waiting 3 months.

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Gush, 3 months waiting, and still no news from Audio GD.. I hope NFB-11 was worth waiting, cause If not, I'll be terrible disappointed..
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I've decided to hold out and wait for the reviews of the NFB-10 (sabre vs wulfson) debate, as well as the reviews of the JH-3A once it finally comes out, and then making a big move up one way or another.  Kingwa told me that exchanging the Sparrow A for an NFB-12 wasn't really an upgrade.

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Maybe this should be posted in the Digital Interface thread? but... it might help-out a new NFB-11 user get the best from it.


The other night my PC barfed on the TE7022 USB driver, and trying everything...I could not re-connect to my DI ver.A with

USB ... I thought it was broked. :(  Very sad... I was finally forced to try the COAX-in of my DI... and it Worked... yay!

What I was not expecting was... it sounds really noticably Better! The volume is increased over the USB level.. yes, but the

imaging/seperation/depth/soundstaging.... all very quite Spectacular! I feel I am hearing/glimpsing the Sabre32's true capabilities

for the first time. Wowowowow


Using my just modded Aurvana Live thru the HP out is a truly captivating experience... I'm totally stunned that COAX/DI/'11 can

make these Cans sing like this! Live Ibitza performances even in MP3 are FUN beyond expectation... the whole "live venue" feel

and ambiance is effortlessly recreated... amazing!


I tried TE7022 USB directly to my NFB-11 and it worked fine.. phew.. jiggling back and forth between the DI and the '11 thru USB,

I heard a faint pop (hp on) and TE7022 to DI connects again. yay me! I did not want to ship it back and be without.

I compared DI USB vs COAX, same results as USB to my NFB-11... there is no contest at all. To me.. USB to DI is not even close..

COAX to DI is soooo noticably better, I feel shamed I didn't try it sooner. haha


Using MoBo COAX-out, MediaMonkey/adionSoft WASAPI (device format:44100Hz, 32 bits float) I'm suprised about the "32bit float"

HQ stock Asus COAX-out?


In case you missed it... IMO... Digital Interface ver.A is a "Must Have" upgrade/companion to any mid tier DAC. If my '11 responds this well.. I can't imagine any other DACs in it's range wouldn't... it's a veritable Magic-box full of goodness in there!


At this time... I'm incredibly pleased with my Audio GD Gears. The World is a better, and better sounding place..

thanks to KingWa!  :)


Oh, and If you can still get an '11... i'd snap it up!

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vpsporb, thank you vary much for your impressions. Could you please add some comments on particular moments I your experience :

1. Your NFB-11 is the USB version, right ? If so, does it have the TCXO upgraded clock ?
2. As I understood, you could not hear noticeable difference between PC (USB) -> NFB11 and PC (USB)->DI (coax)-> NFB11 , right ?
3. Have you tried direct Coax connection, like this PC (Coax or TosLink) -> NFB 11 ?

It is hard to understand how is it Digital Interface improve thy Imputed Coax signal... Most of us consider it a HQ USB to Coax converter, but in case of coax in, coax out, what is reason it additional stuff ?
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Hey AlexRoma,


Yes my NFB-11 is the USB version, mine has a Hosonic 80.000 clock on a riser. (there's a pic a few pages back)

My Digital Interface has the TXCO upgrade clock, the recent testing was all done with no upsampling tho.

To me..

USB to NFB-11= good

USB to DI = better (noticably)

COAX to NFB-11= pretty good (just tested)

COAX to DI= bestest


Yes I agree, I was led to believe the same.... DI=HQ USB converter/interface, so I've also been using mine as such...

until "the TE7022 incident"  :)

I bought mine with the added COAX for "future expansion needs" and to eventually try..ppl always said... COAX>USB

In the case of why COAX to COAX would sound better.... I don't know really.. I never thought it possible myself.


COAX->75Ohm no jitter to DI, HQ re-clocking, then COAX->75Ohm no jitter to NFB-11 = WIN?  :)


I'm not much edumacated in audio... I was just excited to find such a HQ input on my DI, that nobody told me about?!


P.S. I could not afford the DI external PS at the time of ordering, so I'm using a linear regulated 6V 300mah wallwart instead.


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So, pacific valve has the NFB-11 to sell, and audio-gd keeps saying that they dont have enough feedbacks.


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Cutting USB out of the audio chain is always a win win situation in my experience....frankly I'm not surprised COAX to COAX is an improvement over USB...the gear used dictates your options and if that option to take COAX from your PC is there use it instead (as long as you have the A option DI). Might as well take advantage of a superior interface connection capability if you have it.



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Yup, now added to the discontinued list.

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