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I recommend Chulahoma by The Black Keys to anyone who will listen to me.  A great gateway drug into the Hill Country blues scene.  Came out in 2006 and I believe it was their last one for the Fat Possum label.  Vinyl.  Awesome cover as well.

That IS a good album. The Keys have been a group that's consistently put out great stuff for ten years now.

So what's the "Hill Country" blues scene?

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Alice In Chains: Dirt

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'Tanglewood Tree' - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

For you Folk fans
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A new discovery (for me at any rate) - 


Elephant Painting


Elephant Painting by Antony Ablan - http://antonyablan.bandcamp.com/album/elephant-painting

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Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 1.21.44 PM.png

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sleepingdog - with our heads in the clouds and our hearts in the fields


Beautiful female vocals over piano's and (electronic) strings. Reminds me a bit of Lamb.

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A couple of albums by Canadian singer/songwriter Patrick Watson. His singing voice is amazing and they are musically quite unique (how bands play the saw and sing into a megaphone?)


Anyway, saw them in concert twice now they are rapidly becoming one of my favourites.

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One of my recent finds is this album





2CDs....2hrs of interesting rock    ksc75smile.gif


Hard to describe this 3 man (Manchester, UK) band...Rock, Prog, Space-rock,Psych - a blend of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Anathaema and more....you will just have to check them out


A few vids to whet the appetite:









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Slackwax - Midnight

for smooth lovers...


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